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With Title-42 Ending in May, Biden Considering Detaining Migrant Families 

Posted on 03/13/23

With Title-42 phasing out in May, the Biden administration is weighing other options to deter immigration. With the higher influx of migrants expected, the administration may consider detaining migrant families who enter the United States illegally. Although not officially announced, this proposal would cause undue harm to migrant families. Over three years, the United States

Support Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria

Posted on 02/15/23

Days after a 7.8 and 7.5 magnitude earthquake ravaged Turkey and Syria, the calls for support continue to grow. Over 40,000 people perished in the devastation, while hundreds of thousands remain homeless and injured. At times like these it is crucial that we contribute to recovery efforts in Turkey and Syria. The lack of food,

DOJ Calls Title 42 Supreme Court Case “Moot” After Biden Seeks End to Covid National Emergency

Posted on 02/10/23

Last week, President Biden declared an end to the government’s long-standing Covid national emergency. After nearly three years in effect and millions of lives lost from the deadly virus, the administration is seeking to do away with emergency benefits that supported millions.  In December of last year, the Supreme Court halted the administration’s attempt to