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When Do You Need an Immigration Attorney in Connecticut?

Posted on 11/06/23

If you or a loved one is facing deportation in Connecticut, or if you need help with visa applications or naturalization, you may wonder whether you need an immigration lawyer. Immigration law is complex, and it’s easy to make mistakes. Technically, you may be able to fill out and file your own documents, but should

What Are Connecticut’s Sanctuary Cities for Immigrants?

Posted on 10/20/23

The United States policies regarding undocumented immigrants only seem to become more unforgiving with time, and many people who call this country home worry that they’ll have to leave.  Several cities across the country are adopting sanctuary city policies. These cities work to protect their undocumented residents in the name of preserving human rights. If

What Strategies Exist for Defending Against Deportation in CT?

Posted on 10/16/23

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants face deportation in the United States every year. Some came to the country seeking refuge or a better life, while others have never known anything different. According to everything but paperwork, this country is their home. Deportation can result from immigration services accusing immigrants of: Marriage fraud Criminal offenses Entering