At the Law Offices of James A. Welcome, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of legal excellence and professionalism. Our firm is dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation and achieving positive outcomes for our clients. If you possess a strong work ethic, a dedication to justice, and a desire to contribute to a reputable legal team, we invite you to explore a career with us.

For nearly two decades, The Law Offices of James A. Welcome has prided itself on delivering results-oriented legal representation to clients facing immigration or injury matters. Our firm understands the fundamental importance of fostering a vibrant and welcoming work environment. That starts by promoting open communication between our Attorneys, Paralegals, and Legal Assistants. It is crucial that every team member embodies responsibility and reliability when it comes to the work they produce directly and indirectly for our clients. In order to be successful at The Law Offices of James A. Welcome, one must embody and remain committed to fulfilling the goals of the practice. Maintaining high levels of professionalism and ethical standards will differentiate our services and advance one’s personal and professional goals.

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Mission Statement

The Law Offices of James A. Welcome’s mission is to provide high-quality and results-oriented legal representation. Our client-focused firm delivers effective and innovative legal representation with a personable approach to each case. Our firm’s culture is built on credibility and competency, providing quality legal representation to clients throughout the country.

For nearly two decades, our firm has represented thousands of immigrants and injured workers throughout Connecticut and nationally. To sustain a high-performing team, we buttress a level of dedication to meet the common goals of our clients and firm. In each case, we strive to deliver three important values: trust, competency, and integrity. Clients should observe each of these values in all interactions, whether in person or through telecommunications.

Each position at our firm requires an ability to demonstrate an eagerness to work with clients and team members. To be successful, you must be willing to accept a high work level. Your ability to provide clients with unambiguous advice and judgment is fundamental to your position.