Biden Puts a Stop to Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Policy

On Monday, The Department of Homeland Security ended the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico Policy.” Following the Supreme Court’s order and certification of its decision, the Biden administration moved to dismantle the program. First enacted in 2019, the program forced asylum seekers to await their court appearances outside of the United States. It received the blight of critics and immigration advocates who considered the policy as unjust and inhumane.

Draconian policies were a common characteristic in the ways that the Trump administration handled immigration. Fortunately, during his 2020 campaign, President Biden had vowed to unwind President Trump’s heinous policies such as the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Under Biden’s presidency, humanitarian practices are at the forefront of the Biden administration’s mission. Unfortunately, deadlock in the Senate and a judicial system that has been plagued by numerous court challenges has created large hurdles for reform. We hope that the midterm elections produce a congress that is more inclined to overhaul our immigration system with meaningful reform. For the betterment of the lives of millions, action in congress must be taken.

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