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Make sure you have your will put together the way you want it. We draft comprehensive wills designed to meet our clients’ needs. At The Law Offices of James A. Welcome, our standard package includes a will, designation of conservator, health care representative appointment, power of attorney, and a living will.

Putting together a will can be a difficult experience as it involves life-end planning, but we walk clients through the process so that they understand and are comfortable with a final result that is individually tailored to meet their needs. Contact us today!

Benefits of Having a Will

Wills – A will is a document that, when executed properly, will be enforced by the probate court and direct the distribution of your property upon your death. The will makes your family members aware of your wishes and ensures that your wishes are carried out. It also allows for the creation of trusts to manage property for minor children and the appointment of guardians for minors. Many of our clients will ask us to explain the benefits of having a will. Here’s what we tell them:


  1. You can direct where you want your property to go. While there are default rules in the event someone dies without a will (called intestacy statutes), the default rules don’t work as well in cases of divorce, adoption, stepchildren, or if you do not want certain relatives to receive anything from your estate
  2. A will provides organization and direction to the people you love. They will have enough stress in their life upon your death without the unnecessary anxiety of a unorganized estate
  3. Once you create a plan, we can discuss whether it is wise to discuss it with your family to limit the chances of a surprise and possibly limit the chances for a will challenge
  4. A will allows you to appoint fiduciaries such as an executor, trustee, and guardian; these are people you trust to handle your affairs
  5. You can choose to forgive the bond requirement of these fiduciaries which may make sense when you trust certain people (i.e. spouse, adult children) to act in a capacity without posting a probate bond
  6. In the absence of a will, children are entitled to receive proceeds of an estate outright upon their 18th birthday. Most wills we create contain trust provisions to manage money for your children or grandchildren until an age you decide is right – perhaps 25, 30, or 35

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