DHS Offering Parole Program for Eligible Venezuelans

Posted on 10/25/22

On October 12th, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced plans to further support Venezuelan immigrants who have suffered significant financial and political hardships under Venezuela’s corrupt leadership. Fortunately, the Department of Homeland Security recognizes the need to uphold humane immigration practices by further supporting Venezuelans who are seeking to flee the economic turmoil in their homeland.

Nearly 24,000 Venezuelans who have a United States-based sponsor will be granted temporary two-year humanitarian parole if they meet certain eligibility criteria. The parole program seeks to protect individuals who are currently residing in Venezuela and are not physically present in the United States. Those who crossed American, Panamanian, or Mexican borders after October 19th are ineligible to be a beneficiary of the program. To be eligible, the Venezuelan national will need to have a US-based sponsor. During the application process, a sponsor’s finances will be diligently scrutinized to ensure support for the Venezuelan beneficiary. Additionally, applicants will be vetted and required to have certain vaccinations to comply with United States public health requirements. If you have any further questions on whether you are eligible to be a sponsor or beneficiary visit USCIS for more information.

The Biden administration has overseen a historical influx of illegal border crossings stemming from global political and economic hardships. Widespread criminal activities ranging from the drug trade, gang violence, and human trafficking have left millions of migrants in a state of despair. The inability of individuals to live a safe and prosperous life in such crooked nations has ushered in the intense level of illegal US border crossings. Migrants have sought to take on the treacherous journey of crossing the southern border which is plagued by trafficking and other illicit activities in hopes of gaining sanctuary in the United States. Meaningful support is necessary from the US government. With the US immigration system overwhelmed, it will require the attention of President Biden and congress to help rebuild the legal immigration system. The Venezuelan parole program is a step in the right direction for upholding humane immigration practices.

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