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The Case for Higher Auto Insurance Limits in Connecticut

Navigating the aftermath of a vehicle accident in Connecticut can be an overwhelming experience. From vehicle damage to personal injuries, the stakes are high, and the last concern victims should have is whether the at-fault party’s insurance can adequately cover the damages incurred. Despite Connecticut’s relatively higher minimum liability insurance requirements of $25,000 per person

What Should I Do If I Can’t Work After a Car Accident in CT?

Posted on 02/20/24

Car accidents are often stressful and costly. If you’ve been hurt badly enough that you are unable to work, the financial and emotional consequences can multiply quickly. While recovering at home, you may start thinking about how to pay for your car repairs, medical treatment, and other expenses. You may also wonder whether you can

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help You?

Posted on 12/05/23

Many car accident victims hear this advice in the days after their accidents: “Hire a lawyer.” But what does a car accident lawyer do? And how can they help accident victims?  The Law Offices of James A. Welcome explains the ways their car accident lawyers can assist Hartford, CT, accident victims.   Collect Evidence To Support

What to Do If There Are Errors on My Car Crash Police Report?

Posted on 11/13/23

The police report detailing your car accident plays a crucial role in an accident investigation. Insurance companies view these reports as primary pieces of evidence, and any error could harm your options of seeking legal recourse for injuries.  If you believe a police officer made mistakes in their report, contact a car accident lawyer to