With Title-42 Ending in May, Biden Considering Detaining Migrant Families 

Posted on 03/13/23

With Title-42 phasing out in May, the Biden administration is weighing other options to deter immigration. With the higher influx of migrants expected, the administration may consider detaining migrant families who enter the United States illegally. Although not officially announced, this proposal would cause undue harm to migrant families. Over three years, the United States employed Title-42, which deprived millions of asylum seekers of entry into the United States under public health concerns. Many deportees had legitimate concerns of persecution that warranted immediate humanitarian assistance from the U.S. government. To the detriment of migrants, the Biden administration persisted in enacting the Trump-era policy even as immigration groups advocated against it. With the end of Title-42 in sight, the administration is vetting new approaches.  By proposing a policy that targets families, migrants will fear separation and confinement.  

The detention of migrant families for a limited time remains to be officially announced, but various discussions continue to occur at the Department of Homeland Security. In a stark reversal of his public sentiment over the past two years, Biden has seemingly left immigration on the backburner without any fair course of action. Even when harboring majorities in both the House and Senate, the administration failed to sufficiently pursue immigration reform. Meaningful reform that would have garnered a majority of Democratic and Republican support failed to come to fruition. The unavoidable truth is that the Biden administration has overseen the most significant increase in migrant crossing and has little progress to show for it. The immigration process continues with inefficiencies and delays that cause undue harm to thousands of migrants. 

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