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Paralysis injuries are life-changing for victims and their families. Lifelong medical care and assistance are often required and, depending on the injury, a victim might suffer from numerous other painful symptoms. At the Law Offices of James A. Welcome in Connecticut, our Waterbury personal injury attorneys have the experience and insight to effectively represent you and increase your chances of obtaining the compensation you need during this difficult time. Our team has helped hundreds of clients and is committed to providing personalized service and tailored solutions.

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Different Types of Paralysis Injuries

Not all paralysis injuries are the same. Moreover, there are different degrees of paralysis and, in some cases, it is even possible for a victim to regain some independence.

Below are some of the different types of paralysis injuries:

  • Hemiplegia, which affects the leg and arm on one side of the body
  • Monoplegia, which affects one limb
  • Paraplegia, which affects both legs and possibly the lower body and pelvic region
  • Quadriplegia, which affects the legs, arms, chest muscles, and possibly
    the abdominal area
  • Dysphagia, which affects the throat’s muscles
  • Spasticity, which results in stiff or tight muscles

Victims suffering from quadriplegia can potentially require a ventilator or other type of breathing assistance tool. Additionally, some paralysis injuries might also result in loss of bowel or bladder control and sexual dysfunction.

Causes of Paralysis Injuries

There are several causes of paralysis, some of which are health-related and unavoidable, such as a stroke. However, in many cases, paralysis is caused by accidents involving negligence.

Here are some of the most common causes of paralysis injuries:

Paralysis injuries present enduring challenges for survivors and, in severe cases, require daily care and assistance. If you sustained injuries in an accident caused by negligence, you need to obtain a Waterbury paralysis injury lawyer to ensure you do not bear the burden of this lifelong cost.

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