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Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help with Subrogation in Connecticut

Insurance provides financial protection in the case of an emergency. Perhaps unknown to you is that a process known as subrogation also exists in which insurance companies may protect themselves, or recover, financially when disaster hits any of their clients, if it is not the fault of their insured party.

Subrogation is a legal term that refers to the right of an insurer to seek reimbursement for the coverage they provided for their insured party from a third party (or the third party’s insurance) who is decided to be at fault for the accident in question.

How Does Subrogation Happen in a Personal Injury Claim?

Subrogation follows closely behind the initial insurance claims after an accident. Once the insured seeks help for a personal injury, insurance companies typically contact the insured to determine if another party may be liable for injuries or damages. If they intend to pursue subrogation, the insurance company will notify the insured to let them know of their intent to do so. By pursuing subrogation, the insurance company can act on behalf of the insured so long as they agree to pay money to the insured. If their legal pursuit is successful, the insured will receive a partial, or even sometimes full, refund on the deductibles they paid for their care related to the accident, depending on the amount they recovered.

Most insurance companies require you to allow them to pursue subrogation. When they do, it’s in your best interest to enlist the help of someone who’s working for you, not just a financial return on what they’ve spent. A personal injury attorney can help you review the dense documents as they arise and negotiate a fair settlement. Many times, the at-fault insurance company will attempt to include a waiver of subrogation clause into your settlement, which could cause your own insurance to reject your medical injury claims. You deserve to have your injuries resolved in a way that benefits you first. Our lawyers at the Law Offices of James A. Welcome will pursue the situation in a way that best serves you.

Subrogation Misconceptions

Subrogation’s complicated nature has led to the spread of a decent amount of misinformation. To set the record straight, here are some important subrogation facts:

  • Your insurance company cannot pursue subrogation from you, the insured paying for the policy.
  • Subrogation only happens when the other party is at fault.
  • Subrogation can benefit the insured party as well by recovering their deductible and alleviating
    them of those expenses.

Subrogation is increasingly common in personal claims filing. With the help of one of our Waterbury subrogation attorneys, Connecticut residents can receive more from the accidents where they were not at fault. At the Law Offices of James A. Welcome, we are motivated by achieving the best results for you.

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