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Obtaining Compensation for Clients in Connecticut

Workplace mishaps, product malfunctions, and car accidents are just a few ways you may sustain a painful and damaging eye injury. Don’t underestimate what a traumatic injury to your eye can do, even if it doesn’t seem that bad. Contact the Law Offices of James A. Welcome today by calling (203) 753-7300.

Common types of eye injury include:

  • Intrusion of foreign bodies
  • Open wounds
  • Bruised tissue
  • Burns

Sometimes, all eye injuries need to heal is a bit of time. In other situations, patients may need one or more surgeries to repair the damage—and in 10-20% of eye injury cases, the patient may lose their eyesight either temporarily or permanently. If an accident caused by someone else’s negligent or objectionable behavior results in an eye injury, be proactive to make sure you won’t be footing the bill for future losses alone.

What Causes Eye Injuries?

Many eye injuries happen at work…and most could have been prevented by proper protective gear, if it were supplied by your employer. There are multiple kinds of protective eyewear made to address the specific needs of workers with dangerous jobs. For others, a simple pair of safety glasses can do the trick. Workplace eye injury is often caused by:

  • Particles or small objects that are propelled into the air
  • Chemicals or high temperatures (both can burn the eyes)
  • Radiation

Any forceful impact may also cause damage: Many people suffer eye injury during car accidents, where airbags may deploy straight into the face. Consumer goods with moving parts or defective products that strike your face or explode, sending projectiles through the air, are other common culprits. When an accident turns to a black eye or worse, you should start considering your legal options.

Should I Get Help for My Eye Injury?

Doctors recommend seeking help after an eye injury, even if you don’t think it was a big deal. Some eye problems may not have easily visible symptoms. Others do; if you are displaying any of the following, your eye injury may be serious:

  • Continued eye pain
  • Difficulty moving one eye
  • Abnormal pupil size/shape
  • Blood in your eye
  • A stuck object or particle that cannot be dislodged by blinking
  • Trouble seeing or loss of sight
  • Damage to your eyelid

Don’t hesitate to seek help, as the problem may get worse the more you delay. Eye trauma patients are also much more likely to experience complications later in life; some may suffer permanent damage to their vision and find themselves unable to drive or perform their job up to standard. These losses extend much beyond medical bills and are one good reason to seek a Waterbury eye injury lawyer after an accident.

Treat Eye Injury Like the Serious Issue it Is

If your eye was injured through no fault of your own, you may be able to seek compensation from the at-fault party. Eye injury costs add up quickly—and span far into your future. Contact a Waterbury personal injury attorney today. Our team is here to support you and answer any questions you have about taking legal action.

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