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My Relative Faces Deportation in Connecticut, What Can I Do?

Posted on 03/10/23

The concept of deportation is frightening, isolating, and overwhelming. If one of your loved ones faces deportation, contact a Connecticut immigration attorney to discuss your options.  One minor run-in with the law, even for individuals with green cards, can place deportation on the table. Deportation would mean stripping them from their job, home, family, friends,

Biden Administration Ordered to Stop Using Trump-Era Expulsion Rule

Court Orders an End to Trump-era Rule The Biden administration must cease the use of a provocative public health law that speedily deports migrants at the United States border. On Thursday, United States District Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered a preliminary injunction, prohibiting the Biden Administration’s use of Title 42. Additionally, a stay of fourteen days

Biden Falls Back on Trump-Era Policy That Makes Migrants Ineligible For Entry Over Covid Concerns

Posted on 08/11/21

The Biden Administration is indefinitely extending a Trump-era policy that grants the United States Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency the ability to promptly deport migrants and asylum seekers back to their country of last transit or origin. Amid the rapid spread of new and more contagious Covid-19 variants and the accelerated insurgence