My Relative Faces Deportation in Connecticut, What Can I Do?

Posted on 03/10/23

Connecticut Immigration Attorney | The Law Offices of James A. Welcome

The concept of deportation is frightening, isolating, and overwhelming. If one of your loved ones faces deportation, contact a Connecticut immigration attorney to discuss your options. 

One minor run-in with the law, even for individuals with green cards, can place deportation on the table. Deportation would mean stripping them from their job, home, family, friends, and American dream. 

Many believe that deportation is unavoidable the moment the hearing is scheduled. Luckily, with the support of an experienced and knowledgeable immigration attorney, your loved one can defend their rights as an immigrant in the U.S. To begin this process, follow the three steps below. 

1. Understand the Rights of an Immigrant

Immigrants in the United States have rights that may be more limited than full citizens. These rights allow them to fight for their position in the nation. Understanding your relative’s rights as an immigrant is the first step in defending against deportation. All immigrants have three essential rights, including the following:

  • The right to an attorney
  • The right to a hearing
  • The right to an interpreter

After a person receives a deportation letter, he or she will not be immediately deported. Instead, they have the chance to hire a defense lawyer and take the case to court. If the person speaks another language, they have the right to an interpreter throughout all legal processes. 

2. Hire an Immigration Attorney

Now that you understand the rights, you may benefit by contacting a Connecticut immigration attorney as soon as possible. Deportation cases involving misdemeanor or felony offenses are quite complex and require knowledge of both immigration and criminal law. At the Law Offices of James A. Welcome, experienced and compassionate attorneys are available to defend your case in court to help your family avoid separation. 

A few accusations that may place your loved one at risk for deportation include the following:

  • Marriage fraud
  • Inaccurate legal document registrations
  • Criminal offenses
  • Protective order violations
  • Driving under the influence
  • Drug possession

A simple error in paperwork could place your family member in hot water. You need an experienced attorney who knows how to navigate these complex charges to properly represent your loved one’s defense. 

3. Consider The Deportation Defense Options

Immigration judges may waive deportation if you can prove that the immigrant should remain in the country for various reasons. A few common deportation defense strategies include the following:

  • Cancellation of removal: Cancellation of removal allows your family member to keep their green card citizenship despite their minor criminal defense by proving their good behavior. 
  • 212(c) waiver: This waiver applies to anyone with old criminal convictions before April 24, 1996.
  • Adjustment of status application: Status adjustments allow immigrants to become full citizens assuming they meet various qualifications. 
  • Political asylum: Immigrants fleeing persecution from their home country may receive asylum status, allowing them to remain in the United States for protective purposes. 
  • U-visa: U-visas allow certain victims to remain in the U.S. to help law enforcement or government officials investigate a crime. 
  • Voluntary departure: If the above options do not work, your relative may choose voluntary departure which still deports them from the United States, but makes it easier to return in the future. 

How Law Offices of James A. Welcome Can Help

At the Law Offices of James A. Welcome, attorneys are on call to:

  • Help your relative understand their rights
  • Provide experience-based legal advice
  • Explain how all the processes will work
  • Create an aggressive deportation defense strategy
  • Fight for your relative to stay in the country
  • Take the case to the federal appellate level (when necessary)

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