Maximizing Your Connecticut Personal Injury Claim: The Importance of Caution on Social Media

Posted on 04/10/24

A Connecticut personal injury can be a challenging experience, from the potential injuries that arise to the financial hardship one faces. An accident can be a life-altering situation that even the strongest of us will find difficult to overcome. That being said, it may be tempting to post the occasional night out or walk/run in the woods, workout in the gym, or even a family vacation you recently went on. However, as a practicing Personal Injury attorney for nearly two decades, I can confidently say that your online activities could be monitored by the opposing counsel and will almost surely come up if your case goes to trial.

Why Certain Activities May Not Put Your Personal Injury Case in the Best Light

It is quite simple. The more activities you showcase yourself doing and sharing beyond what an insurance adjuster would find acceptable (which in some cases would be for you to stay home all day, every day, without even an inkling of personal freedom), these activities will make the adjuster think you are all healed and that your case is worth less because your emotional and physical well-being is being portrayed in your social media.

For example, working out in a gym is not to be completely forgotten post-accident, but if you are complaining about back pain from your injury and subsequently posting yourself in a gym, even without context as to what activities you were partaking in, it could be interpreted as you having the ability to lift weights and misrepresent what you may actually be doing. If you are complaining about back pain and carrying heavy objects and lifting weights, these are all factors that will work against you and pose some questions as to whether the accident created the pain you are receiving or the hundreds of weights you lift on a weekly basis. These are not questions that should be arising in your injury matter.

The Risks of Posting About Vacations and Nights Out

Vacations: Imagine you’ve filed a personal injury claim stating that you’ve suffered severe back pain due to a car accident. However, you decide to take a vacation to a beach resort and post pictures on social media of yourself participating in activities like jet skiing or volleyball. The insurance company or opposing counsel might use these posts to argue that your injuries are not as severe as you claimed, as these activities require physical exertion and mobility.

Nights Out: Consider a scenario where you’ve claimed a leg injury from an accident, which has significantly limited your mobility. But then, you post a video on social media of yourself dancing energetically at a friend’s birthday party. This could be used as evidence to question the extent of your injury, suggesting that if you can dance, your mobility might not be as impaired as you’ve stated.

The Importance of Privacy Regarding Your Health

Medical Details: It’s crucial to keep the specifics of your injury and treatment private. For instance, if you’re undergoing physical therapy for a shoulder injury, discussing the details of your progress or the exercises you’re doing on social media could lead to misconceptions about your recovery. The insurance company might interpret your ability to perform certain exercises as a sign that your injury is not as serious as claimed.

Emotional Well-being: Similarly, sharing updates about your emotional recovery can be risky. For example, if you post about feeling much better and enjoying life again, it could be misconstrued to mean that you’ve fully recovered from the emotional trauma of the accident. This could potentially undermine your claim for emotional distress damages.

Why Treatment and Focus on Yourself Are Crucial

Treatment is crucial, and your focus should be on your personal health and recovery, rather than displaying your life to others. While some activities like a short getaway or a stroll in the park may aid in your well-being, they should not be publicized on social media profiles for opposing counsel to use against you. After an accident, your priority should always be your social, emotional, and physical well-being.

How Our Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

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