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Florida Governor Vetoes Driver License Bill

Posted on 06/11/13

So far, we have seen many positive changes in immigration law in the year 2013. The national Comprehensive Immigration Reform is currently being debated on the Senate floor, but the states are also beginning to take certain immigration matters into their own hands. One of these matters is driver licenses. Here in Connecticut, for example,

Are Train Accidents becoming a trend?

Posted on 06/07/13

Recently, train accidents have been occurring frequently in the news. The Metro-North train that derailed and collided with an oncoming train in Bridgeport has been especially frightening for those of us here in Connecticut who take the train to and from New York. Additionally, accidents in Maryland and California have brought a lot of attention

Immigration Scam Email- Ignore it!

Posted on 05/30/13

If you receive an email that reads: “You have been selected as one of the lucky winners of the US Visa,” ignore it. This is a scam. This particular email claims it is part of an email lottery visa program, gives you a case number, and promises a 10 year visa for you and your