Car Accident Cases: Why missing doctor appointments can hurt your ability to recover money damages

Posted on 02/08/13

If you are injured in an accident you should know the basics in order to protect your rights. Connecticut is a state where you can receive compensation for injuries that you receive when involved in a car accident. The injuries that you receive, through the negligence of another person, are classified as economic and non-economic damages. I will go into further detail in later posts about the various components that can be calculated in non-economic damages. For today, the main focus is on economic damages. Doctors bills are the main component of economic damages.

Delayed medical treatment or missing doctor appointments without a good reason can be detrimental to your ability to recover money damages. This is because insurance adjusters, and their attorneys, love to exploit this and use this as an example to show that they “really know” that you are “not that injured.” It is amazing how often insurance adjusters seated in their cubicles from 8-4 and insurance attorneys seek to substitute their own judgment for that of a trained medical provider. But they do and this is a reality of seeking to obtain compensation for your injuries. So, you should keep all of your doctor’s appointments, or be sure to call the doctor ahead of time to reschedule if you cannot make it. Make sure that when you are evaluated by a doctor that you describe all of your injuries. Be sure to explain to the doctor how your pain, stiffness and weakness affects your day to day activities since your accident. Do not leave this to the doctor to assume.