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How Comparative Negligence Applies in Truck Accident Lawsuits

Posted on 10/02/23

Truck accidents often involve vehicles with considerable differences in weight and force, leading to severe injuries and even death for truck crash victims. Personal injury cases for truck accidents may be complex because of shared liability between multiple parties. How can a truck accident attorney help you navigate your claim after a truck crash? Seeking

How Truck Accidents Differ in Federal and Intrastate Cases

Posted on 08/11/23

Commercial truck accidents often involve complicated circumstances that make their cases trickier than normal. For example, trucks can either drive interstate or intrastate routes. Interstate trucking companies are not under the jurisdiction of one state, which means such cases may be tried in federal court instead of a state court.  Learn how truck accident cases

The Dangers of Distracted Driving Among Truckers

Posted on 08/07/23

Truck accidents can lead to severe injuries for vehicle occupants struck by an 80,000-pound truck and trailer. Unfortunately, truck driver distracted driving cases are common, particularly cases involving mobiles phone or other electronic devices. A 2021 study by Omnitracs demonstrates drivers who are in a collision are often more distracted than drivers who are not in a