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While every car accident has the capacity to inflict painful and life-changing injuries, truck accidents are generally more severe in nature. If you have suffered a serious injury or a loved one passed away in a recent truck accident in Winsted, Connecticut, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Discuss your case in detail with a personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of James A. Welcome for free today. We understand what you’re feeling and can provide the assistance that you need.

Truck Accident Facts and Statistics

It is easy to feel overwhelmed as the victim of a truck accident in Winsted. You may not understand your legal rights or know who to trust during the recovery process. The more you know about truck accidents, the better you can feel about the process ahead. Our lawyers can explain the legal process for a truck accident injury claim to give you greater peace of mind. In the meantime, here are some general facts about these collisions:

  • In 2019, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported 5,005 large trucks involved in fatal crashes and 119,000 involved in injury crashes.
  • Of the deaths caused by truck accidents in 2019, 82 percent were victims outside of the truck, including vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Truck accidents generally cause more severe injuries than car accidents due to the size, mass and weight of a tractor-trailer.
  • Commercial trucks have unique accident risks, such as large blind spots, wide turns, long stopping distances and hazardous cargo.
  • Trucking companies and other motor carriers must obey special federal laws and regulations, including hours-of-service rules and cargo securement measures.
  • Truck accident injury cases often involve unique forms of evidence, including the truck’s black box, the truck driver’s driving history and trucking company records.
  • A claim filed for a truck accident has tough adversaries, such as powerful trucking companies, insurance corporations and aggressive legal teams.

Many elements make truck accidents a unique practice area in the umbrella of personal injury law. It is important to hire an attorney with experience specifically handling large truck and 18-wheeler accidents. This will ensure that your lawyer knows what these cases need to succeed. Attorney Welcome has spent years representing clients in all types of auto accident cases, including many truck accident claims.

Who Is Liable for Your Truck Accident in Winsted?

Determining liability for your truck accident, meaning the party who is responsible for paying for your medical bills and property damage, starts with understanding the car insurance laws in your state. Connecticut is a fault state, meaning that injured accident victims file claims against the person or party at fault for causing the collision. In a no-fault state, on the other hand, drivers turn to their own insurance policies for coverage, regardless of fault.

Liability for a truck accident in Connecticut typically falls on the party that broke a federal regulation, state law or the duty to exercise reasonable care. This could be a truck driver for driver errors such as distracted driving, driving under the influence or speeding. It could also be the trucking company for the careless acts of its employees or its own failure to maintain safe operations. It could also be a third party, such as a cargo company or truck part manufacturer. An attorney can help you identify the liable party in your truck accident case and demand maximum financial reimbursement.

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