With The 2020 Election Results Still Uncertain, The Presidents Harmful Immigration Policies Continue

Posted on 11/09/20

The 2020 election results are all but finalized leaving millions of Americans waiting in anticipation of whether there will be a change of power in the presidency. Through legal challenges and baseless “fraudulent voting,” the Trump Campaign and administration continue to press on with anti-immigration policies. Our office recently commented on the fate of millions of green card applicants who are deemed as a “public charge” leaving the fate of millions in the 2020 election results. A United States Federal appeals court allowed the Trump administration’s immigrant wealth test to be reinstated as the case is considered.

The controversial rule that was announced in 2019 would severely limit the number of legal immigrants immigrating into the United States. The public charge rule discriminates against poor immigrants over their use of food stamps, Medicaid, and public benefits. The Trump administration has argued the rule will “protect” American workers and taxpayers from footing the bill for immigrants who may fall as a “burden.” Not only do undocumented immigrants contribute a vast amount in tax dollars to the United States, but they often cover the public benefits of legal citizens in the United States, even without legal status. Such developments continue to twist the United States immigration policies. If President Donald Trump is somehow able to invalidate thousands of election votes, additional draconian immigration policies will be implemented.

Early this week, United States District Judge Gary Feinerman struck down the rule, stating the current public health crisis would discourage eligible green card applicants from applying for government assistance in fear their application will be rejected. Judge Feinerman ordered the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to stop applying the rule for permanent residency applicants. Government attorneys appealed the decision in the 7th Circuit court of appeals, which ultimately placed an injunction on the lower court ruling. A USCIS spokesman, Matthew Bourke stated the agency would continue applying the rule but not “re-adjudicate any applications or petitions that were approved.”

If you are concerned about how the public charge rule could affect your eligibility for an immigration benefit, let us evaluate your situation and recommend the best way forward. At the Law Offices of James A. Welcome , our award-winning attorneys have the skills and years of experience needed to help you navigate complex immigration policies.

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