Trump’s Push To Not Count Undocumented Immigrants in Census Has Come To A Halt

Posted on 01/15/21

The Trump administration has taken decisive actions to undermine the integrity of our immigration system since the President’s arrival at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Blatantly discriminating against immigrant minority groups, jeopardizing the vital infrastructure at USCIS, and weaponizing border officials. This is not the America that welcomed millions on Ellis Island and this will not be the America we have all grown to cherish going forward. The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged all Americans. Food insecurity, economic recession, Black Lives Matter protests, and a hotly contested 2020 election has demonstrated the need for unity in America. The President of the United States has continuously excluded undocumented immigrants from all facets of life by implementing policies that restrict them from applying for green cards, claiming asylum, and further delaying application wait times. Thankfully, the checks and balances of the United States government, especially the judiciary, has restricted much of what President Trump has so vehemently fought to do.

One of Trump’s last-ditch efforts to exclude millions of undocumented immigrants from the 2020 census has finally hit a snag. According to an NPR report, the United States 2020 census numbers would have included a state by state count on the number of undocumented immigrants. The importance of these numbers can not go unnoticed. Every 10 years, the census helps determine the electoral maps and aids in the gerrymandering by political parties when redistricting. It is with such census data that the voice of each individual is adequately and proportionately represented in the legislature. Undercounting certain states with heavy immigrant populations will under-represent the total population, and in effect, grant more seats to another state.

Fortunately, senior officials at the Census Bureau have recently reported that they will not proceed with President Trump’s plans to separate the 2020 Census numbers between citizens and undocumented immigrants. President Trump’s original memo was announced in mid-July but faced numerous court challenges contesting its constitutionality, specifically its violation of the fourteenth amendment. The fourteenth amendment explicitly states that the census must count the “whole number of persons in each State.” In effect, the president would have violated precedent in counting all persons within a state. After various lower court challenges, the Supreme court essentially punted back the case to the Trump administration due to it being “riddled with contingencies and speculation.” The Trump administration would have to provide additional evidentiary support for any court to deliberate on the matter again. With just a few days remaining in the Trump term, further action remains unclear. These efforts remain highly unlikely to continue as President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to take bold actions against much of the Trump administration’s agenda.

Instead of violating the constitution in a bid to benefit Republicans in state and federal legislatures, the president should have prioritized the millions of Americans that have continued to suffer under coronavirus pandemic. A lot will change in the next 105 days for millions of undocumented immigrants. The Law Offices of James A. Welcome will prioritize informing you of the most important changes to our immigration system under the Biden administration. As we have for the past several years, our office will continue to advocate on your behalf to ensure our elected representatives make noticeable changes to benefit the millions of immigrants that have been disenfranchised by a flawed immigration system. The United States has been a nation built by immigrants and has prospered because of immigration. Thousands of small businesses are struggling to keep employees on while our healthcare workers continue to fight the Covid-19 pandemic head-on. We’ve noted reports that have consistently shown two-thirds of undocumented immigrants working on the frontlines of the pandemic, ensuring our country continues the fight. The 2020 election results solidified an opportunity to make a change for the better and reward those who have committed so much and have been victims of baseless accusations by individuals in the highest levels of government.

The Biden-Harris administration has promised a lot, and we will do our best in providing praise where needed and criticism when necessary. We understand laws will be changing, and it will be confusing to our clients and our local community members. Our office is committed to you, ensuring you receive the justice you deserve while informing you of the latest news that may impact your case. No matter where you’re located in the United States or if you’re abroad, our team of experienced Connecticut Immigration Attorneys will be able to assist you. As immigration is federal law, our attorneys are equipped to take cases from across the country, so don’t worry about where you are. To start your journey with a top-rated New England Super Lawyer at The Law Offices of James A. Please contact us at (203) 753-7300.