Trump Extends Pandemic Related Visa Restrictions For An Additional Three Months. Find Out How This May Impact You.

Posted on 01/05/21

When President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, millions of immigrants can heave a sigh of relief. Though much of President-elect Joe Biden’s intended policy specifics have yet to be announced, his plan to undo much of President Trump’s immigration policies is. On day one, Joe Biden intends on signing away much of President Trump’s fervent immigration policies that have created USCIS backlogs and left millions in fear of deportation. Biden has also pledged to use executive powers in signing a 100-day moratorium on deportations, terminating restrictions on asylum seekers, and restoring the DACA program to its original intentions.

Amidst the President’s tweetstorms and berate of attacks on our democratic elections; presidential pardons, executive orders, and new policies continue to go forward. Even as his tenure comes to an end in 2021, President Trump and his advisers remain hopeful that a good amount of his controversial immigration policies will remain intact well into Biden’s term as president and recent actions prove it.

President Trump recently announced the three-month extension of sweeping limits on immigration and work visas. Such suspensions were first enacted in April of 2020, banning large amounts of immigrants from applying for visas and putting a stop to temporary work programs. Facing early Covid-19 concerns in early April, the President announced some of the most restrictive immigration policies in our nation’s history. As Covid-19 remains a high concern for many Americans, the President’s deliberate actions to use a crisis for his favor have transformed far beyond the original intentions of the proclamation. For the past four years, the president has taken every step possible to undermine the integrity of our legal immigration system while taking aim at our immigration community. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the President’s control on the immigration system, working on the fears of millions of Americans to ensure an immediate closure of select immigration into our nation. Such efforts continue with the extension of the proclamation.

The extension of immigrations restriction would continue to bar foreign immigrants that are deemed to be “detrimental to the interests” of the United States and its recovery efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic. The president has fervently defended his stance that immigrants are “stealing” American jobs. Such baseless claims are in fact cause for further economic despair for millions of Americans. Immigrants have encouraged entrepreneurship in the United States and have been on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic, not shying away from supporting America in light of the pandemic. The statements invoked by the President further divides our nation in a time where unity and diversity should be welcomed. Such unsubstantiated claims will not benefit the American economy and it will leave millions of immigrants disenfranchised.

In his proclamation last Thursday, the president cited the ongoing concerns of stay at home orders in some states, businesses being shuttered, and lackluster economic recovery performance. “The effects of COVID-19 on the United States labor market and on the health of American communities is a matter of ongoing national concern.” The intentions of the President remain clear; to silence thousands of immigrants and to send a signal to the Republican base that the president will remain an important force even when out of office.

Our office has continuously highlighted the positives and negatives of immigration specific policies by the Trump Administration and has continued to believe the best hope for immigrants remains within a Biden administration. Fortunately, the November 3rd presidential results reaffirmed the importance of immigration and the support for fair immigration policies that welcome diversity and encourage a smoother system. For the past several decades, our nation has been plagued by complex immigration procedures, and our office remains hopeful that President-elect Joe Biden will take action where necessary, and continue the good that already exists.

The April proclamation has been amended and extended on numerous occasions but the Dec 31st announcement was the closest yet to the inauguration. Specifically, the proclamation will continue limiting the issuance of certain visas to immigrants that seek to reside in the United States through green card petitions sponsored by a United States family member or even an employer. The H-1B and H-2B visa programs that allow foreign guest workers to work in the United States legally in non-agricultural industries and specifically the tech sector have also been limited. The proclamation doesn’t apply to some immigrants though. For example, spouses and children under 21 of United States citizens are still eligible for such visas, extending to healthcare workers who are on the frontline of the pandemic and some foreign investors.

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