TPS For Haitian Immigrants Extended into 2024

Posted on 12/09/22

The Biden administration announced plans to expand the eligibility of Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for Haitian migrants. The humanitarian crises in Haiti coupled with a corrupt government only emboldened the U.S. stance to promote its commitment to helping Haitian immigrants. Since the 1990s, TPS has protected millions of immigrants who have been unable to return safely back to their country of origin due to specific ongoing situations within their country. Although TPS is not a means to permanent long-term legal status, immigrants from TPS-designated countries that have suffered armed conflict, environmental catastrophes, or other extraordinary events may obtain deportation and work protections if their application is approved.

Haitian immigrants that currently reside in the United States and arrived no later than November 6th, 2022 may be eligible to apply for TPS. DHS also plans on extending the program for eligible Haitian immigrants through August 3, 2024. DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas considered the “extraordinary and temporary conditions in Haiti” as the main driver for adjusting the eligibility. Haitian immigrants who arrive in the United States after November 6th are ineligible and may be deported due to their illegal status.

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