The Trump Administration Fails Adhere to The Judiciary on DACA Rulings

Posted on 08/05/20

Why does President Trump see federal court orders on the Obama Era Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals as optional? Compliance for the Trump administration is unmistakably the opposite of its meaning. The moves taken by the administration have shocked Supreme Court Justices, Congressman, and the public. The actions taken by the Trump administration in September of 2017, to end the Program that shields thousands of undocumented immigrants from deportation and allows for work permits was deemed unconstitutional in June. But efforts to continue suppressing court rulings have continued to pass through appellate courts even while ignoring federal court rulings requiring acceptance of new applications.

The unprecedented actions by President Trump and his senior White House Officials to ignore the judiciary branches’ orders, shows that the checks and balances system has become obsolete. When the Executive sees its authority as above that of the legislative and judiciary, the American public must stand and vocalize their concerns. The president’s unjustified actions to end DACA, without a replacement, shows the disregard for young immigrant minors. The administration has continued to fail to comply with Federal court orders mandating that the Administration restore the original capacity of the program, and allowing for the reinstatement of the protections each DACA recipient had before the Summer of 2017.

The administration has continued its assault on DACA while ignoring judicial rulings. The administration announced in late July that it would not follow the court ruling requiring new applications to be processed. These actions have left thousands of eligible candidates in uncertainty. Nearly 700,000 dreamers’ work permits have also been cut from the normal two-year renewal to just one year. These actions are unacceptable and have no grounds.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security has launched what it calls a “comprehensive review” of DACA, whose outcome is foreordained given the president’s hostility toward the program and its recipients. This time, one assumes the government will adhere to established procedures as it abolishes the program; it was the slapdash failure to follow rules that resulted in its losses in court. “Now we have to start this process all over again,” President Trump tweeted after the Supreme Court’s ruling.

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