The Role of an Accident Reconstructionist in CT Injury Cases

Posted on 07/18/23

Proving fault in a personal injury accident isn’t always easy. You may know without a doubt you aren’t at fault — but the insurance company and court weren’t at the accident scene and may not share your confidence. 

That’s why personal injury attorneys often retain accident reconstructionists to support clients’ cases. These professionals recreate the accident scene to investigate who was at fault. They can be a great resource if the circumstances in the car or truck accident aren’t clear from an outsider’s perspective or the other party refuses to accept the blame. 

What is an Accident Reconstructionist? 

An accident reconstructionist is a professional accident investigator. They have extensive experience analyzing car accidents and premises liability accidents and can accurately recreate the events that led to your accident, even if no photo or video evidence is available. 

Insurance companies often have their own accident reconstructionists on call to help them determine fault in an accident. In general, an accident reconstructionist will provide unbiased information about personal injury cases; they won’t just favor the insurance company’s client. 

You can also hire an accident reconstructionist independently to support your case against another party. Your personal injury attorney may advise this if the circumstances in your accident were confusing or unclear.

Types of Services an Accident Reconstructionist Can Provide

Accident reconstructionists can prove incredibly valuable in your personal injury case. They do a lot more than recreate accident scenes; they can also provide the following services to help the insurer or court better understand your case:

  • In-depth accident investigation: Reviewing all of the evidence to better understand the accident
  • Black box/data recorder investigation: Analyzing the data from a black box or other vehicle recording device to understand whether the driver was at fault
  • Computer animations: Recreating the accident in animated form to better illustrate the accident for a jury 
  • Reconstruction: Physically reconstructing the accident scene
  • Codes and regulations compliance: Reviewing the relevant safety codes and local regulations that could be at play in the accident case
  • Premises accident scene analysis: Understanding a property owner’s negligence in an accident case by reviewing all relevant factors, such as lighting, defects, and other hazards, and determining whether the property owner should have been aware of them
  • Medical bills and records analysis: Analyzing your injuries and determining whether they could have reasonably resulted from the accident

Your personal injury attorney can help you find an accident reconstructionist with the right experience and skills for your case. 

Does an Accident Need a Reconstructionist? 

To successfully secure compensation after your accident, you need extensive evidence the other party was responsible for your injuries. Even cases that seem cut and dry initially can get confusing in the courtroom. It’s the defense lawyer’s job to create that confusion, and they’re often very good at it. 

By hiring an accident reconstructionist, you can create a clear, straightforward image of the events leading up to the accident and your innocence. This professional’s testimony could be the last piece of evidence the jury needs to find the defendant negligent — or, at the very least, for the defendant to provide a sufficient settlement offer. 

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