Temporary Protected Status for Nepalese Nationals in the United States

Posted on 05/28/15

The United States is extending its helping hand towards the country of Nepal which was hit with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25th that killed more than 7,000 people and destroyed many buildings. Congress responded to the crisis by introducing H.R. 2033, a bill which has yet to be approved by the Senate and signed by President Obama. H.R. 2033 would authorize temporary protected status (TPS) for Nepalese nationals in the United States. The current immigration statue, designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security, already grants TPS for nationals of any country where there is ongoing armed conflict, an environmental disaster or epidemic, or for other “extraordinary and temporary conditions” within that country. TPS authorization grants foreign nationals in the United States protection from deportation, travel authorization, and the ability to work legally while in the United States.

To qualify for TPS, individuals of the authorized country must prove continuous U.S. residence during a period specified by the Department of Homeland Security. This status is temporary; it does not lead to a green card. TPS is a way to increase the flow of remittances towards the developing country. According to World Bank, a portion of the migrant’s income sent or remitted to their families in their home countries, is more than three times the size of official developmental assistance. Read more about TPS for Nepalese Nationals in the United States here.

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