Supreme Court Orders Biden Administration to Stop Implementing Immigration policy

In a setback for the Biden Administration and undocumented immigrants, the United States Supreme Court communicated yet another unfavorable immigration directive. The Supreme Court halted the Biden administration’s efforts to implement its immigration enforcement guidelines which first came into fruition in September of last year. Secretary of DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas issued the memorandum guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law which prioritizes the deportation of individuals who pose the greatest security threats. The guidelines implemented deportation priorities based on public safety risks and gave Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials prosecutorial discretion. The memorandum acknowledged the significant number of undocumented immigrants (around 11 million or more) in the United States and argued that DHS doesn’t have the “resources to apprehend and seek the removal of every one of these noncitizens.” In June, District Court Judge Drew Tipton for the Southern District of Texas issued an order that vacated the guidelines. The Biden administration followed by filing an emergency appeal with the Supreme Court. On Jul 21st the court announced it’s order which permits the lower court’s ruling to stand until the Supreme Court’s next session.

The justices split along party lines except for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a Trump appointee, who dissented with her liberal justices. The order in the United States v. Texas is temporary and the merits of the case will be debated later this year. The court will then hear arguments from both sides and will determine whether the policy should be vacated indefinitely. For now, ICE will not follow the guidelines set forward in the memorandum which poses a concern for undocumented immigrants.

The Biden administration has made several efforts to unwind the hardline immigration policies established during the Trump administration. Former President Trump sought to embolden decisive policies that further subjugated the court system to processing delays adding to it’s existing backlog. Fortunately, the Supreme Court permitted the

Biden administration to stop enforcing the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico Policy” which forced asylees to stay in Mexico while their cases were being adjudicated. Not only does the order further cloud the ability of immigration courts to carefully review cases but it increases the already backlogged immigration court system. Even with these changes, The Biden administration’s efforts to overhaul immigration have been underwhelming, to say the least. Bold promises that were once highlights of Biden’s presidential campaign have flatlined. With his unfavorability trending to levels no modern American president has ever faced, the future doesn’t look optimistic. Much like his predecessors, Biden touted real change in immigration law but failed to take aggressive action. Unfortunately, bitter partisanship and infighting with the Democrats stalled real reform. To his

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