Supreme Court Allows Title 42 To Continue For Now

Posted on 12/27/22

The Trump-era rule that has been used by the Biden administration over a million times has prevented asylum seekers from entering the United States under “public health” concerns. In March 2020, the program was enacted to prevent the spread of Covid by denying entry to migrants. Although its earliest intention was somewhat understandable during the peak of Covid-19, its continued enactment neglected the asylum process. The rule was not meant to block out migrants for a disease that continues to be under control while completely negating the immigration process for years on end. With vaccines and other therapeutics readily available, Title 42 is obsolete and unnecessary. Its continued implementation is inhumane and is just another scapegoat for rapidly deporting millions without facing the reality of why people are seeking refuge in the United States. A majority of undocumented immigrants that have been expelled under Title 42 have fled from central and south America, leaving their homes and family in search of safety. Their countries have been ravaged by rampant corruption at all levels of government. Gender discrimination, economic despair, and human/drug trafficking have all been common themes in several nations. These factors have subsequently led millions to flee to the United States to only be denied by a rule that invalidates the atrocities occurring in their country of origin while jeopardizing US asylum laws.

The Biden administration has finally come to its senses and is determined to end the execution of Title 42. Immigration advocacy groups have pushed President Biden to end the program since his inauguration but he had bypassed these concerns. Not till recently has the president’s tone changed and encouraged doing away with the program. A court-ordered deadline of Wednesday, December 21st was supposed to be the last fight against Title 42 but like with most immigration issues, it is always a battle for who controls the implementation of U.S. immigration policy. Unfortunately, several Republican states banded together to halt the lifting of the program which was set to expire. The Supreme Court will review the case and finalize its decision in the coming days and weeks.

This issue lies with congress. For years congressional members have touted their support of immigration reform but have faltered in acting upon it. It is up to Congress to get real and pass immigration reform. Reform should include ample funding for stopping unlawful entries to the US at the border while allowing for processing of cases for juveniles and those genuinely fleeing persecution or natural disasters. Immigration reform can be done if legislators actually address a complicated problem instead of being dominated by those who inflame passions with wedge terms like “amnesty” on one side and “open borders” on the other. Immigration reform doesn’t have to be a complicated issue if congress worked in a bipartisan fashion to address the concerns of Americans and immigrants seeking legal status in the United States.

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