Rocky Road Ahead for Immigration Reform in the House

Posted on 07/09/13

The future of Immigration reform is uncertain as S.744 Comprehensive Immigration Reform lies with the House of Representatives. The bills fate depends one whether or not House Speaker John Boehner permits the House to vote on the bill. Boehner has ruled out passing the bill, saying he will only bring it to a vote if the majority of Republicans agree to it. The bill passed easily with bipartisan support in the Senate, and it could also pass in the House with full Democratic support and some Republican votes, but it may never get the chance if the Republican House Representatives decide not to even take it up.

Several Representatives have expressed that they will not support any bill that includes a path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented residents currently living in the United States. Many groups and individuals, including several businesses, religious groups, Senators, and President Obama, are urging the House to pass the bill. Immigration advocates have cited the desperate need to repair the broken immigration system and the economic benefits of giving legal status to millions of people living in the shadows. Republican Party leaders have expressed the need of the GOP to win support of Latino voters. However, Senators who initially expressed opposition to the bill continue to say that they still do not feel any pressure to take on the Senate bill.

The House Judiciary Committee has passed four smaller immigration bills: The SAFE Act, the AG Act, the Legal Workforce Act, and the Skills Visa Act. This Wednesday, July 10th, Boehner and the Republican caucus of the House of Representatives will hold a private meeting about how to proceed with immigration policy.

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