President Trump To Expand Immigration Ban To Foreign Worker Visas

Posted on 06/26/20

A senior official at the White House confirmed that the administration planned to extend its ban to include work visas, pointing out that such actions would benefit American workers. Business leaders strongly opposed such declarations as immigrants are essential to rejuvenate the American economy and help businesses mitigate through financial crises. Through the end of the year, H-1B visas which are primarily for skilled workers and L-1 visas which are for workers transferred within a company will be suspended. This action also includes H-2B visa holders who are seasonal workers, with the only exception being granted to food service workers.

After the damage done to businesses and the economy by the novel Coronavirus, the administration ignored calls to continue immigration by the Chamber of Commerce and major Tech Companies, stating such actions will stifle the growth of the economy. Critics of the Trump administration’s actions cite the continued effort to enact the president’s longstanding initiatives that effectively limit immigration to the United States. The immediate effects of the proclamation will still have limited impacts as a majority of the United States consulates remain closed to routine visa processing. A senior Department of Homeland Security official stated the move would not affect current visa holders.

While the President is up for reelection, he faces an economic downturn and movements against police brutality. To energize his base, such moves are vital to ensure his support from his bases remains strong. The visa suspension will allegedly open up 525,000 jobs for U.S. workers, a senior official said, saying it was geared at “getting Americans back to work as quickly as possible.” Doug Rand, the co-founder of Boundless, which advocates for migrants and helps guide them through the legal process questioned why H2-A visas that allow guest workers in the agriculture field weren’t suspended. These actions signal “big agriculture interests are the only stakeholder with any sway over immigration policy in this administration.” Before the move was announced, many lobby groups advocated against the moves to restrict work visas, “The immigration restrictionists would like us all to believe that every single company bringing over foreign-born workers is nefarious and just wants to bring in people who are underpaid,” said Rand. “That is a false premise.”

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