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Hot Topic: Protection for Immigrant Spouses of US Citizens

Posted on 04/16/24

In the intricate tapestry of American society, mixed-status families – those comprising both citizen and non-citizen members – are not uncommon. These families often face unique challenges, particularly when it comes to the legal status of immigrant spouses of US citizens. The Law Offices of James A. Welcome recognizes the fundamental importance of a thorough

Why TPS Should Be Offered to Ecuadorian Nationals

Posted on 03/27/24

The United States has a long history of providing humanitarian relief to individuals from countries experiencing temporary conditions that make it unsafe for their nationals to return home. One such relief program is Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which offers a temporary haven to individuals already in the U.S. when their home country is facing ongoing

Americans Chartered Out of Haiti as Crisis Unravels

Posted on 03/19/24

The crisis in Haiti continues to deepen, with gangs unleashing chaos across the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The violence has escalated to alarming levels, resulting in the deaths of dozens of innocent people. Gunmen are looting homes, and the political unrest has been further exacerbated by the resignation of Ariel Henry, the country’s former Prime

Apply for the Welcome Law Firm Scholarship

Posted on 03/07/24

The path to college is a critical stage in a student’s journey, but it often comes with significant financial challenges without aid or scholarships. The Law Office of James A. Welcome believes strongly in the transformative power of education for sparking innovation and nurturing the next generation of professionals in various fields, including law. Education