Only an Experienced Lawyer Should Handle Your Immigration Case

Posted on 01/03/14

It Takes Patience, Persistence, and Experience to Win an Immigration Case—and James A. Welcome Has All Three

Your immigration status is not something to be taken lightly. If you are an undocumented immigrant in Connecticut, you know that, at any time, you can find yourself evicted from your home, denied government benefits, or even taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If you have applied—or want to apply—for a green card or student visa, you know that the slightest flaw in the paperwork can send you to the back of the line (or, worse, attract the attention of ICE). That’s why you need an experienced immigration lawyer like James A. Welcome to handle your case!

There is No “Short Cut” to Solving Your Immigration Problem

Undocumented immigrants are a vulnerable population: they may or may not speak fluent English, they probably aren’t aware of their legal options, and they know that if they “step out of line” they can attract the attention of the immigration authorities. For this reason, they are especially susceptible to the unrealistic promises made by unscrupulous immigration lawyers, who will claim to be able to “fix” their green card application or make a phone call to have a relative released from custody. In fact, all these lawyers do is collect your money, and then make a lame excuse when they can’t deliver on the goods.

James A. Welcome is different. He knows that it takes diligence, patience and persistence to:

  • Properly fill out a green card or student visa application and send it to the appropriate authorities—and then, if necessary, appeal the authorities’ decision.
  • Extract an undocumented immigrant from a Massachusetts detention facility (since there are no federal facilities in the state of Connecticut).
  • Convince authorities that a felony or misdemeanor committed by an undocumented immigrant is not grounds for deportation, or that deportation would be too severe a penalty.
  • Press for the legal rights of an undocumented immigrant, whether it pertains to her home, workplace, or other venue—such as a traffic accident in which she sustained injuries.
  • Help undocumented immigrants to receive government benefits, to the extent that this is possible and allowable by law.

Contact James A. Welcome Today for Your Immigration Needs

James A. Welcome has years of experience helping underserved, undocumented, and (often) non-English-speaking immigrants deal with the immigration authorities, whether the issue at stake is avoiding deportation or simply applying for a green card or student visa. Not only is James deeply conversant with federal immigration laws, but the American Trial Lawyers Association has also named him one of the top 40 trial lawyers under 40, and he and his staff are fluent in Spanish.