On Trump’s Last Day, Union Deal That Could Have Undermined President Biden’s Immigration Initiatives Has Been Nixed

Posted on 02/18/21

The capital riots seemed to have dominated the news coverage and Twitter trends in the last few weeks of President Trump’s term, notably so. Provoked by false claims of wide-scale election fraud, large masses of Trump supporters, white supremacists, and hate groups besieged the capital hurdling hundreds of congressmen and women into the capital tunnels in fear of their lives. Such groups demanded a democratic election be overturned, even echoing the sentiment of causing harm to former Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. But even with such grave circumstances provoked by former President Trump, a slew of executive actions, pardons, and agreements commenced. One of which came the day before President Trump was slated to leave the oval office and on the eve of the historic inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The agreement would have allowed a union of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers the ability to delay the implementation of specific pro-immigration policies promoted by President Biden. Not only are such actions unheard of by the Department of Homeland Security the day before an inauguration but they were deliberately ordered by a deputy DHS secretary, Ken Cuccinelli who was always a fierce
advocate against immigration. Fortunately, a whistleblower complaint was filed alleging the department acted in a manner that would allow a “union of deportation officers” the ability to “veto” certain policies the Biden administration would implement. The complaint also accused the second in command at DHS of “gross mismanagement, gross waste of government funds and abuse of authority” over the agreement. These sentiments were warranted provided Mr. Cuccinelli’s actions the days before the inauguration.

The union, AFGE National ICE Council 118, has twice endorsed former President Trump. Not only would the agreement have given the group unprecedented authority over other unions, but it would have heavily impacted the immigration system. Fortunately, the department of homeland security “disapproved” of the agreement and would not allow the AFGE sweeping authority over the immigration process under the Biden administration. It’s not unheard of to see outgoing presidents implement policies in their last remaining few days, but agreements such as this are desperate and overreaching the bounds of authority. A DHS spokesperson told CBS that, “As part of the routine process and provided for by statute, the Department conducted a review of the terms of the agreement and determined that it was not negotiated in the interest of DHS and has been disapproved because it is not in accordance with applicable law.”

The agreement was a despicable excuse by the Trump administration to give one union untapped authority over the immigration process. Although DHS won’t proceed with the agreement it marks the start of a potential legal battle, taking away from the Biden administration’s focus on immigration. The 2020 election is over but the unfounded charge of election fraud will continue to be on the back of millions of American’s minds. Public officials backed a movement promoted by the President just to satisfy his ego. This is not what America stands for and should be reputed so another insurrection doesn’t occur.

The state of immigration remains conflicting. Amid the last several years of decisive actions purposefully pursued to undermine the integrity of our legal immigration system it’s hard not to wonder if our immigration system will ever be “fixed” to ensure its sustainability and accountability to immigrants and American citizens. Millions of individuals only dream of legally immigrating to the United States. A land filled with opportunities, diverse cultures, and a structure based on checks and balances. Mass inequities in our globalized world have left many without the necessary freedoms to live a free life. As a world power, the United States should stand up and deliver an immigration system that accepts those who have the drive to improve their lives, and truly want to be a part of American society. Immigrants have been fundamental to the success of our country. We are a nation built by immigrants. Even with a past filled with discriminatory practices against certain groups of races, there remains hope that the United States will overcome an immigration system that advantages powerful businesses and the wealthy, and promotes equity. The Law Offices of James A. Welcome has served thousands of immigrants in Connecticut and internationally. Our mission has been to promote an immigration system that embeds the core framework of our constitution while ensuring a fair pathway for each individual, while not discouraging anyone from their fair chance. President Trump is certainly not the last or first President to take action to undermine our immigration system. Congress must act to pass sound immigration legislation.

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Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ice-officers-union-agreement