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Posted on 05/17/19

Immigration Appeals Attorneys

Do You Need an Attorney for Your Immigration Appeal?

If you have a case and it is appealed to a higher court, you will need to secure the services of a skilled appellate lawyer to get help navigating the legal process. If your case is appealed to the Board of Immigration or Federal Court, you want to find a team of lawyers that is capable of conducting sophisticated legal analysis and writing persuasive arguments.

The Law Offices of James A. Welcome are prepared to build a strong case for you and fight to protect your rights and interests. Attorney James Welcome has briefed and argued cases at all levels of state and federal court, so we know which strategies produce the best results for our clients.

We take on appellate litigation cases for the following things:

  • Denials of adjustment of status
  • Denials of cancellation of removal applications
  • Wrongful accusations by USCIS and ICE of fraudulent marriages
  • Denials of citizenship applications
  • Denials of waivers
  • Denials of asylum cases

The Board of Immigration Appeals

The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) is the highest administrative body that makes rulings on immigration cases. If your case has been denied by an immigration judge you have only 30 days to appeal to the BIA judges and by district directors of the Department of Homeland Security. Most appeals that reach the BIA are for orders of removal and applications for relief from removal.

First & Second Circuit Court of Appeals

The First and Second Circuit Court of appeals has jurisdiction over cases that have been heard in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. If your case is denied by the BIA you may petition the Federal Circuit Court for review. Appeals of rulings by the First and Second Circuit Court of Appeals are petitioned to the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Administrative Appeals Office (“AAO”)

If you are a petitioner or applicant for in family immigration petitions, you can appeal a negative decision to the AAO. The AAO is responsible for reviewing appeals to ensure consistency and accuracy in the interpretation of immigration law and policy. The following types of cases are reviewed the AAO:

  • Employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visa petitions
  • Denials of petition for permanent residency
  • Applications for Temporary Protected Status
  • Fiancé petitions
  • Applications for waiver of ground of inadmissibility (Form I-601)
  • Applications for permission to reapply for admission after deportation (Form I-212)
  • Certain special immigrant visa petitions
  • Orphan petitions
  • T and U visa applications and petitions
  • Applications to preserve residence for naturalization purposes
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) determinations that a surety bond has been breached

Why Do I Need an Attorney for My Immigration Appeal?

  • An immigration appeals attorney can reexamine your case strategy
  • Immigration appeals attorneys know how to call attention to the record and build your case on appeal
  • An experienced immigration appeals attorney knows what judges consider when deciding cases
  • Immigration appeals attorneys can prepare and oppose petitions for review in the U.S. Supreme Court and state supreme courts
  • An immigration appeals attorney can prepare amicus curiae briefs

What Should I Look for In an Immigration Appeals Attorney?

You should look for a lawyer with years of experience and a stellar reputation with the Board of Immigration Appeals and Federal Courts. You want an attorney who knows the court that will have jurisdiction over your case and understands the specific issues judges care about.

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