ICE Signals Mass Immigration Arrests, but Not the ‘Millions’ Trump Promised

Posted on 06/25/19

Immigrants with Final Deportation Orders and Criminal Convictions Will Likely Be Targeted

The government branch responsible for carrying out deportations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement have signaled the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants as two Department of Homeland Security officials said on Tuesday, are unable to deport “millions of illegal aliens” as President Trump had promised the night before. Senior ICE officials in recent weeks have signaled that numerous raids would be conducted rounding up thousands of migrant families in their homes and communities, which is expected in the coming weeks. “ICE has requested that agents in Homeland Security Investigations — the branch of the agency that conducts long-term investigations into human trafficking and drug smuggling — assist Enforcement and Removal Operations.”

The reallocation of resources and agents signaled to many that ICE would soon increase the number of raids in every aspect. Although, not on the same level as President Trump had promised, thousands are expected to be deported by ICE officials and various other agents in the coming weeks.

Mr. Trump repeated on multiple platforms that immigration officials planned to conduct a deportation operation next week. “They know. They know,” Mr. Trump said. “They’re going to start next week, and when people come into our country, and they come in illegally, they will have to go out.” This comes as renewed efforts for stronger immigration control as President Trump touted during his 2016 presidential bid.

Due to immigration laws, President Trump is unable to deport asylum-seeking Central American families who make up a majority of migrants arrested at the border. The operation planned by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials would specifically look into migrants in the middle of the country “who have been issued a final removal order or missed their court date.”

The acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Mark Morgan, declined to address the alleged mass deportation of migrants next week.“The president is very clear with what he’s tweeting out is that he wants to maintain the integrity of the system and he wants to make sure that we’re supporting and enforcing the rule of law,” Mr. Morgan said About a million undocumented immigrants have been issued removal orders, many of which are appealing their cases and cannot be deported.

Although ICE is committed to enforcing United States immigration laws, every undocumented immigrant had their rights that should be known. If you are in need of an award-winning immigration attorney, contact The Law Offices of James A. Welcome.