How to Choose the Right Immigration Attorney in Connecticut

Posted on 09/22/23

The process of immigrating to the United States is rarely a straightforward one, and you may encounter numerous obstacles and setbacks. Having an experienced attorney who understands the complexities of immigration law can make the process go more smoothly and help you achieve a successful outcome. 

After deciding to hire a Connecticut immigration attorney, the next step is finding a law firm. To guide you in the selection process, here are key factors to look for as you research your options. 

What to Consider When Choosing an Immigration Attorney 

When it comes to immigration, the stakes are sky-high. While you are not required by any U.S. state or federal law to hire an attorney, a legal professional guiding you through the immigration process can potentially help you avoid issues while simultaneously expediting various processes, including being granted a visa.

As you research various attorneys, we recommend you begin by evaluating the following factors.


Experience counts in the legal field. In addition to confirming that your attorney is qualified to practice law, it’s also recommended that you question whether the law firm has relevant and practical experience to manage your type of case. 

The clear advantage of hiring a seasoned attorney is that you’ll have a strong advocate on your side who’s familiar with immigration laws. As immigration law evolves, past legal precedents and new laws could apply to your situation. Your attorney should stay abreast of these topics.  


In today’s digitally-oriented world, you can find reviews about any attorney with the tap of a button. Check legal directories and review platforms like Google and Yelp to read what others are saying about an attorney. You can also visit the law firm’s social channels to see if there are any testimonials. It’s also a smart idea to look at the comments. Here, you could potentially see both positive and negative comments written by current and past clients. 

Communication & Accessibility 

Because the outcome of your immigration case is so central to your (and your family’s) future, finding an attorney you can communicate with effectively is vital. This could mean that the attorney speaks your language, has a translator, or is consistently available. 

If you have a preferred method of communication (for example, email messages and texts instead of phone calls), ask the attorney if they’re willing to accommodate your preferences. 

You may also want to establish clear expectations regarding communication cadence before committing. Be specific about how often you want updates from your attorney and the expected turnaround time for any correspondence. 


Immigration attorneys provide a valuable service, though that doesn’t mean the fees should be astronomically high. As you compare attorneys side-by-side, ask each law firm how the fees are structured. Some attorneys will bill by the hour; others bill on a fixed-price model. Also, ask about additional service fees that you may have to pay, and get everything regarding pricing in writing.

Success Rates 

An attorney cannot guarantee specific results. Still, if you know the firm’s track record, it can be a decently reliable indicator of the chances that your case will be successful. In addition to getting insights about the outcomes of past cases, you could also inquire about the average time frames of handling a case like yours.  

The Law Offices of James A. Welcome: An Experienced Connecticut Immigration Attorney to Protect Your Rights 

An immigration attorney provides important legal services, including ensuring that documents are filed correctly (and on time) and helping you avoid common pitfalls that derail many immigration cases. The Law Offices of James A. Welcome brings over 19 years of experience in immigration law, and we have a track record of success. Contact us to schedule a consultation.