How Long do Immigration Cases Take to Process?

Posted on 03/05/24

A law firm is a business like any other. In extremely competitive markets, attorneys will attempt to generate leads and grow their businesses – as they should – and will, on occasion, step beyond the realms of reality with the promises they make. This is particularly prevalent amongst immigration attorneys who will attempt to stamp enticing timelines on handling immigration cases for vulnerable clients in emotional and fragile situations. We don’t do that.  

What Does USCIS Say About Immigration Case Processing Times?

On their website, the USCIS states that on an average day, they adjudicate more than 32,500 requests for various immigration benefits, process 3,700 applications to sponsor relatives and future spouses, grant asylum to 33 individuals already in the United States, and receive 55,000 phone calls to their toll-free phone line and more than 150,000 inquiries and service requests via online accounts and digital self-help tools. They also publish historic processing times as they are fully aware that individuals find themselves in precarious situations, both emotionally and legally. 

The American Bar Association provides ethical guidelines on attorney advertising and additional rules are sometimes set at the state level. Attorneys can and should be allowed to advertise and promote their business but not at the expense of misleading an individual. Law firms are fully aware that clients will shop around and choose an attorney they decide is suitable for them, so professing unjustified levels of expertise or unrealistic time frames on case processing times not only qualifies as unethical, but manipulative and potentially very harmful. 

Our team endeavors to get your applications and petitions into the best shape they can be before submission to the USCIS. Collectively, we have years of experience perfecting applications and ensuring every key statement, document, and nuance is accounted for when a case is presented to the USCIS. This not only ensures its best chance of success but gives you peace of mind that no stone went unturned and a haphazard, shoddy application was not submitted on your behalf. Our team is already fully aware of deadlines regarding your matter upon inception of your case and will alert you if we need your assistance in meeting them. 

As multimedia continues to develop and more avenues are provided for businesses to advertise, immigration attorneys will follow suit and look for ways to reach individuals in need of their services. Pay careful attention to the language they use. Considering how inundated the USCIS is (as detailed above) and concerning the level of care needed in preparation of a case, does their promised timeframe sound realistic to you? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

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