Florida Governor Vetoes Driver License Bill

Posted on 06/11/13

So far, we have seen many positive changes in immigration law in the year 2013. The national Comprehensive Immigration Reform is currently being debated on the Senate floor, but the states are also beginning to take certain immigration matters into their own hands. One of these matters is driver licenses. Here in Connecticut, for example, Governor Malloy signed a bill to allow undocumented residents to apply for driver licenses.

The Florida state legislature also passed a bill to allow children of non-U.S. citizens to apply for temporary driver licenses with overwhelming support. Only two House Representatives voted against the bill. Last Tuesday, however, Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed the bill.

Governor Scott stated that he vetoed the bill because it would benefit those who qualify for Deferred Action (DACA) status, a new law passed by the Obama Administration in 2012, which was not approved by Congress. However, some DACA beneficiaries in Florida can already apply for driver licenses under a state law that allows immigrants with federal work permits to apply, adding more questions to the Governor’s puzzling decision.

“Deferred action status is simply a policy of the Obama administration absent Congressional direction,” Governor Scott said in a veto message.

Under DACA policy, children who were brought to the United States illegally before they were 16 years old and meet other requirements are not subject to removal. The law protects children who did not choose to enter the U.S. illegally, but have built their lives here since arriving and know only this country as their home.

Many people view the veto as a very political move. What do you think of Governor Scott’s decision? Let us know in the comments below!

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