First Woman Confirmed By U.S. Senate to Head USCIS

Posted on 08/11/21

The United States Senate has confirmed its first United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Director since 2019. Ur Jaddou will helm one of the largest agencies that fall under the Department of Homeland Security’s apparatus. Jaddou’s senate confirmation was 47-34, filling an essential immigration position that remained in command of acting directors for years. As both of Jaddou’s parents are immigrants of Mexican and Iraqi descent, she understands the pinnacle role of alleviating processing delays and developing a more equitable immigration process. As the first woman to be confirmed to head the USCIS, Jaddou’s position is historic. 

Many of Biden’s current and proposed immigration policies will demand stable and confident direction. Jaddou is highly experienced in USCIS matters after serving in several roles at the agency and maintaining a long career in immigration law. Jaddou also led the President-Elect Biden Department of Homeland Security review transition team this past year. In a statement released by the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas noted Ur’s experience while ensuring “she will administer our Nation’s immigration system fairly and justly.”

Director Jaddou acknowledges the Biden administration’s immigration agenda remains a top priority. Considering years of mismanagement and financial concerns, Jaddou will need to drive swift action to reinvigorate the agency. Plagued by the Covid-19 pandemic, USCIS has lost significant funds in application fees as borders and travel closed following March of 2020. In a personal statement, Jaddou highlighted that “Since January ‘2021’, USCIS has taken immediate steps to reduce barriers to legal immigration, increase accessibility for immigration benefits, and reinvigorate the size and scope of humanitarian relief.” It is clear that Jaddou is seeking to diversify agency initiatives while bringing efficiency to the forefront.

Former President Trump was highly successful at undermining our legal immigration system. Many of the policy actions he established were purposefully meant to exclude immigrants from participating in our immigration system. President Biden vowed to overhaul his predecessor’s policies. But his efforts have remained stagnant relative to the ambitious promises he set forth before his election. Commonsense immigration policy is vital to the prosperity of our nation. Millions of immigrants are fleeing their homes for the economic and social benefits of the United States. As a nation of immigrants and the world’s leader in humanitarian efforts, our role must continue to spread democracy while also caring for those that are fleeing heinous circumstances. With immigration policy that works in the favor of immigrants, our country can protect our global economic and humanitarian stance while improving the lives of millions. 

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