Don’t Risk Your Future. Beware of Free Immigration Consultations

Posted on 07/15/20

Immigration law is continuously changing, and your attorney must ensure that new laws are accounted for when pursuing legal actions on your behalf. An effective attorney will take all laws into account and find the best resolution to your case, ensuring you get the quality, dedication, and results you deserve. Don’t let your case settle for anything less than experience and award-winning representation. No matter your case, our attorneys will ensure your rights are upheld and that your representation is affordable. Immigration matters can be quite expensive, and unlike personal injury law where free consultations are offered, many immigration attorneys have a low consult fee to allow for an in-depth review of your case while evaluating the complexities that may arise. The saying, “you get what you pay for” can directly apply to what you would like out of your consultation. Free consultations will often be conducted with a paralegal, not an experienced attorney who understands all aspects of immigration law. If the attorney happens to be conducting the consultation, you may be limited in time, scope, and possibly be quoted a higher case fee just because your consultation was free.

Decisions in your immigration matter, whether it be for asylum, deportation defense, provisional waivers, visas, citizenship & naturalization, or green cards will have an impact on your future. Don’t let your case be gambled away at a free consultation where your priorities don’t come first. The Law Offices of James A. Welcome ensures that your consultation is confidential and offers you the necessary time to discuss your case, ask questions, and figure out the best solution for you. Choosing a lawyer is not a simple process, being cautious and educated in your decision will prove vital when your case is heard by an immigration judge or before USCIS. Before going to a free consultation with an immigration lawyer, ask some of these questions;

  • How long have you been practicing immigration law? What can I expect from you?
  • Have you ever taken on cases that were similar in scope to mine, if so, what was the
  • If I choose to hire your firm, will the attorney be actively involved in my case, and if
    needed, will they attend any hearings?
  • Have you been disciplined by the State Bar Association for any misconduct?
  • If an unfavorable outcome is reached in my case, will you take all actions necessary to
    pursue an appeal with USCIS or immigration court? Are you comfortable in doing so?
  • What can I expect my immigration fee schedule to be like? Will there be a set price at the
    beginning of my case or will there be additional fees as my case proceeds?

Note that these are just some of our suggestions when contacting an attorney that is offering “free consultations.” In most cases these questions will not be answered by the person you reach, regardless, you should still ask these questions to all attorneys. Immigration matters are complicated and if the necessary actions aren’t taken you could waste time, money, and your opportunity to legally reside in the United States. Don’t let your case be gambled away by a “free consult.” The saying in economics is that “there is no such thing as free lunch” which is directly applicable to anything that is free, at some point, you will pay for it. Attorney James A. Welcome will fight zealously on your behalf while ensuring you can continue doing what you love while keeping your immigration stress at a minimum. Leave it to an experienced Super Lawyer.

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