Don’t Drink and Drive. Ever.

Posted on 03/01/21

Drinking while under the influence has serious consequences for all parties involved. Don’t take the risk of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Our firm recommends you take a preemptive approach when it comes to drinking. If you plan to drink on any occasion plan to have someone drive that does not drink (designated driver) or if all individuals plan to drink have a rideshare program bring you to and from. If you happen to be in contact with an intoxicated person, make sure they do not operate a vehicle.

Here are some recommendations:

– Have a key drop at your event

– Have an at-home breathalyzer test

– Offer to provide a rideshare

If you find yourself involved in a car accident caused by an incapacitated driver do not hesitate to contact Attorney James A. Welcome. Our personal injury legal team will ensure your medical expenses and missed workdays are adequately compensated. Your health should be your priority, our mission is to keep your stress at a minimum and prioritize results on your behalf. Feel free to contact us at (203) 753-7300 or visit for 24/7 service.