Do I Have To Pay Any Money To Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

Posted on 10/11/23

Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Having a car accident is many people’s worst nightmare. If you’ve been hit by a car or truck, medical bills and repair costs for property damage can add up at a frightening speed. Before you know it, you wonder if you have any money left to hire a Connecticut car accident attorney. You might even ask yourself whether you need a lawyer at all.

You Probably Won’t Have To Pay a Dime Upfront

Car accident lawyers don’t usually work for nothing, but the good news is that nearly all personal injury firms operate on contingency. That means in many cases, you won’t have to pay unless the lawyer wins your car accident case and you secure a settlement. Your first consultation likely won’t cost you anything either. This can be a huge relief if you’re strapped for cash after a car crash.

If you have a contingency arrangement with your lawyer, they will take their money from your settlement or award. Should the lawyer fail to win your case, you owe them nothing.

Contingency fees usually aren’t cheap. Expect to pay anywhere from 33% to 40% of your settlement, which could add up to a few thousand dollars, depending on the total amount.

Some attorneys work on a sliding scale basis based on when they’re able to resolve the case. The faster the resolution, the lower your fee will be. For instance, your attorney might charge a fee of 25% if they can settle the claim by negotiating with the insurance company. If they take the case to trial, the fee might go up to 40%.

It’s important to know that lawyers only offer contingency arrangements for the plaintiff (the person filing the claim). If you caused the accident, you’re the defendant, which means you are likely to have to pay an upfront hourly fee. This fee can range from $150 to $500 per hour. 

Should You Pay To Hire an Attorney?

If talk of all those fees makes your head spin, you might wonder whether it’s worth hiring an attorney at all. It’s true that you could try to handle your car accident claim yourself, but doing so might not be the wisest idea.

Many people struggle to deal with the insurance company after an accident. The adjuster might argue with you about who caused the accident in an attempt to slash your settlement. If you don’t want to stress about negotiations, it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer.

You could also benefit from having a lawyer if your case goes to trial. You can let your attorney handle filing paperwork and talking to witnesses so you don’t have to.

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