DHS Extends Haitian TPS Registration Until February 3, 2023

Posted on 08/06/21

President Biden is making changes to the Haitian immigration policy. Following weeks of unrest in Haiti and Democratic lawmakers advocating for the Biden administration to quale the deportation of Haitians, DHS is moving forward with plans to extend the registration timeline for Temporary Protected Status. DHS Secretary Mayorkas announced that the designation would allow hundreds of thousands of Haitian nationals who arrived before July 29 and continue to demonstrate residence to remain in the United States till February 2023. Applicants will also be able to apply for employment authorization documentation (EAD). The approximately 55,000 current TPS beneficiaries from Haiti should file a new application for TPS under Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ new designation. 

What is Temporary Protected Status?

Certain countries may be designated for TPS due to ongoing circumstances that would prevent individuals from returning to their home country including political unrest, war, environmental issues, or ongoing social issues. A country’s inability to process or handle the return of its citizens is also factored in when classifying them under TPS. Other circumstances may warrant a nation to be designated under TPS but falls under the discretion of the Department of Homeland Security Secretary. 

The protections under TPS include; 

  • Individuals who are beneficiaries of TPS are protected from deportation 
  • Beneficiaries are eligible for travel authorization
  • Eligible applicants can apply for employment authorization documentation (EAD)

Eligible nationals from Haiti can apply for TPS by filing Form I-821 during the registration period. Continued residence as of July 29, 2021, must be demonstrated. Eligible applicants must undergo a series of tests including background and security checks throughout the vetting process. 

As of August 3, 2021, The Department of Homeland Security has extended the registration period from 180 days to 18 months for new applicants of TPS.

What is Employment Authorization Documentation?

Eligible nationals can apply for EAD by filing a form I-765. The temporary work permit offers eligible nationals the opportunity to work in the United States. 

In the aftermath of the assassination of President Moise, the importance of Haitian nationals registering for Temporary Protected Status is vital. If you or someone you know is eligible for Temporary Protected Status and want the assistance of a results-driven legal team, contact The Law Offices of James A. Welcome. For more information read the Federal Register Notice Here.

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