Car Accidents in Connecticut and Other States

Posted on 10/18/13

Connecticut Has a Lot of Interstate Traffic, Which Affects Accident Liability

Connecticut’s unique size leads many citizens to drive beyond Connecticut’s borders on a regular basis. For citizens of Danbury, where I maintain an office, many cross the New York-Connecticut border daily; those closer to my Waterbury office may cross the Northern border with Massachusetts. It is especially important for these citizens to understand the legal differences between a traffic accident case in New York and a traffic accident case in Connecticut.

New York and Massachusetts traffic law operates under a legal arrangement known as a “no-fault.” When a collision occurs there, an injured passenger usually does not need to prove the fault of another party to collect for his or her damages, with of course some exceptions. However, in Connecticut and Rhode Island, an injured party almost always has to prove that another party’s negligent operation of a vehicle caused the car accident, unless there are product liability or other commercial claims that can be asserted.

Therefore, it is especially important if you have been involved in a car accident in Connecticut to hire an attorney that will fight for your rights.