Bush Takes Aim at “Isolationist” GOP on Immigration while Biden Slashes Dehumanizing Language From U.S. Immigration Agencies

Posted on 04/29/21

The way immigrants are regarded by Customs and Border Protection, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials will be changing. In an effort to scrap the Trump administration’s hardline immigration stances and demeaning terminology used to dehumanize immigrants, the Biden administration is updating the way federally funded immigration agencies regard immigrants. A series of memos released Monday provided guidance to do away with terms like “illegal alien” and “assimilation” and replace them with more humane terms like “undocumented noncitizen” and “integration.” The memo states immigration agents should follow the ne  terminology in all internal and external communications. The memo further described the terminology as “inclusive” and aligned with the views of the Biden administration on immigration. Nevertheless, the shift in the way agencies describe immigrants is yet another advance in recognizing the human life linked to immigration.

President Biden is changing the conversation on immigration. His predecessor selfishly embodied nationalist views on most immigration policies, taking advice from hardline anti-immigration advocates. Even Biden himself has acknowledged the failures of prior administrations including that of President Obama, where deportations were at an all-time high. With an aim to reign in on discriminatory policies, Biden is leaving no stone unturned to improve immigration practices in the United States. The importance of immigration cannot be understated and reform is essential for the sake of progress.

In a somewhat surprising interview with NBC, Former President George Bush called for an end to the contentious relationship between Republicans and Democrats, while asking for humility to guide the immigration system. Bush also acknowledged that many Trump loyalists in the Republican party have tried to score “political points with the issue… it’s an easy issue to frighten some of the electorates.” Decisive rhetoric from either party will have far lasting impacts on the American union.

Surprisingly, Bush languished that not passing adequate immigration reform during his presidency was a disappointment. Bush extended that the modern GOP is not aligned with his views and also proposed “an asylum process that is more robust,” while adding “more judges and more courts, so people can have a fair hearing,” even supporting additional border security agents where necessary. A statement from Bush’s official website reads, “we must always be proud to welcome people as fellow Americans. Our new immigrants are just what they’ve always been — people willing to risk everything for the dream of freedom.”

Immigration is a contentious topic in the United States. In recent months, political powers from both parties have vehemently sought immigration reform, each in support of their immigration vision. But where does this leave immigrants who are seeking legal protections in the United States? The answers are not as clear as many would hope they should be. Over the last several decades our office has closely followed changes to our nation’s immigration policies. Attorney James A. Welcome understands that progress can only be made by supporting more immigrants and educating his clients about the potential opportunities that await them.

Our immigration needs reform. In recent months we have seen overcrowding at our southern border facilities as thousands of immigrants seek protection. Unfortunately, our immigration system is just not capable of handling new immigration cases when existing barriers hinder progress. When progress is desired to make meaningful changes, hurdles of complex litigation ensue, delaying policies even further. To solidify change, congress will need to act on laws that embolden a vibrant immigration system, while securing our immigration system. Our office will continue to closely follow the Biden administration’s gradual immigration changes, in the hopes that progress for a better and equal immigration system prevails.

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