Biden Removes Health Insurance Requirement for Immigrants

President Biden has revoked a Trump-era bar on immigration for those without health insurance. Former President Trump released an order in 2019 to ban all immigrants who attempted to enter the U.S. without health insurance or any proof that they would be able to purchase insurance within 30 days of arrival. The move to revoke the original order comes from President Biden’s effort to implement widespread immigration reform. Keep reading to learn more.

Banned: Trump-era Immigration Restrictions

In 2019, Former President Trump issued an order to stop immigrants from entering the U.S. if they didn’t have healthcare or couldn’t afford it once they entered the United States. Immigrants would be required to provide proof of insurance within a month of their arrival or enough money to afford “reasonably foreseeable medical costs.”

Thousands of immigrants scrambled to get healthcare coverage as soon as possible to meet the new rule. Unfortunately, the American healthcare system is highly complex, and many immigrants found themselves falling short of the minimum coverage amount. As many as two-thirds of legal immigrants would have been barred from entry due to the restrictions.

The proclamation is one of many Trump-era policies the Biden Administration is actively dismantling to make immigration more accessible and less discriminatory. The bar on immigration is officially rescinded, opening up immigration for many who might not have qualified due to the insurance requirement.

With a Goal in Mind

The Biden administration has made it abundantly clear that they intend to provide pathways to citizenship in addition to comprehensive immigration reform.

My Administration is committed to expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare. We can achieve that objective, however, without barring the entry of noncitizens who seek to immigrate lawfully…” said the President in a statement on May 14th.

The big picture for President Biden depends mainly on the immigration system and his administration’s ability to turn things around. Taking a strong stance against his predecessor’s harsh policies also helps Biden prove his commitment to change.

What Happens Now?

While rolling back restrictive policies does open up immigration opportunities, it is important to understand that change can’t happen overnight. As a result of the many changes under President Biden, there has been a surge in immigrants at the Mexican border.

The ongoing pandemic and limited infrastructure to support such a surge will continue to be a roadblock for many immigrants who want to immigrate to the U.S. legally. To solve some of these issues, the President has proposed a $4 billion investment to bridge the gap until other more permanent measures can be put in place.

If you or a loved one is attempting to immigrate to the United States, it is crucial to have legal representation. At this time, the immigration system in the U.S. is in flux as old policies are tossed out and replaced on a seemingly daily basis.

A qualified attorney can work with you to navigate the ever-changing laws and requirements of the immigration system and help you pursue your American dream.

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