Biden Admin Handed Major Victory By Supreme Court in Prioritizing Deportations

Posted on 06/24/23

On June 23rd, the United States Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration in an 8-1 decision, with Justice Brett Kavanaugh authoring the majority opinion. The ruling upheld the Immigration guidelines set forth by the Biden Administration that prioritized the deportation of illegal immigrants with serious criminal convictions and those who posed national security risks to the United States. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will now be granted the flexibility of prosecutorial discretion and enforce the guidelines set forward by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The mission of DHS is evident in its departure from the previous administration’s approach of conducting “prompt proceedings.” The focus now is to ensure a fair execution of justice, taking into account all relevant factors as determined by ICE prosecutors. With Federal District and Supreme Court legal entanglements put to rest, DHS now holds the authority to implement prosecutorial guidelines and prioritize deportations based on its own discretion.

In the Majority opinion of the Supreme Court, the justices outlined that, “The States have not cited any precedent, history, or tradition of courts ordering the Executive Branch to change its arrest or prosecution policies so that the Executive Branch makes more arrests or initiates more prosecutions. On the contrary, this Court has previously ruled that a plaintiff lacks standing to bring such a suit.”

What Was at Issue?

The Biden administration sought to prioritize deportations due to limited resources and the excessive number of illegal immigrants in the country. The memorandum issued by Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas on September 30, 2021, titled “Guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law,” established the following key priorities for deportation execution under the Biden administration:

National Security Threats

  • The individual has engaged in terrorism 
  • Engaged in espionage against the United States
  • Deportation or removal will improve the national security of the United States

Border Security Threats

  • Not physically present in the United States on or before November 1st, 2020
  • Apprehended at a port of entry on or after November 1st, 2020

Public-Safety Threats

  • Convicted of an aggravated felony
  • An individual’s criminal activity and history will be factored in the decision
  • Actively and willingly participated in gang activities or convicted of gang-related offenses

There are several exceptions set forward that protect the civil liberties of illegal immigrants to ensure fair practices are upheld and in line with U.S. immigration processes on deportation and removal proceedings. 

The Supreme Court majority opinion further expounded that, “In light of inevitable resource constraints and regularly changing public-safety and public-welfare needs, the Executive Branch must balance many factors when devising arrest and prosecution policies. That complicated balancing process in turn leaves courts without meaningful standards for assessing those policies.”

Our office will closely monitor how the Biden administration intends to proceed with the implementation of prosecution guidelines after the Supreme Court ruling. To stay informed about immigration-related developments, we highly recommend monitoring the USCIS website and subscribing to our newsletter list here.

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