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Immigrating to the U.S.? Turn to an attorney who can help you navigate the process with minimal complications. At the Law Offices of James A. Welcome, we know how to protect the rights of undocumented immigrants in West Hartford.

Even as an undocumented immigrant, you have legal rights. Becoming more informed and actively aware of the protections available to you can help make certain that your rights are not violated. Our lead attorney, James A. Welcome, is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and has an AVVO rating of 10.0 in immigration law. We are not afraid to represent your rights in court if they have been impeded upon by law enforcement or public defenders, you can trust our legal team to fight tirelessly on your behalf in court.

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Why Choose the Offices of James A. Welcome

Attorney James A. Welcome has over 19 years of experience and proven results for his clients. He keeps up with the latest immigration laws and knows how to handle all types of cases.

Discover the Valuable Role of an Immigration Attorney

Curious about the role of an immigration attorney? An experienced immigration attorney is adept at dealing with various aspects of immigration law, including visa applications and safeguarding immigrants from deportation. If you’re planning to immigrate to the United States or have already done so, an immigration lawyer in West Hartford can provide invaluable guidance throughout the process, ensuring your immigrant rights remain protected. Additionally, an immigration lawyer can assist you with matters pertaining to your immigration status, such as the potential threat of deportation.

By enlisting the services of an immigration attorney, you can benefit from the following:

Obtaining answers to your immigration-related legal inquiries.

Receiving reliable and sincere legal counsel.

Navigating through the perplexing maze of immigration and visa paperwork.

Assisting in the preparation and submission of immigration documents.

Expediting or hastening your immigration application, when necessary.

Appealing a denied immigration application on your behalf.

Serving as a mediator between you and the immigration authorities in the United States.

Representing you in civil hearings or trials.

Providing essential information and advice regarding deportation and exclusion.

Initiating your case with an experienced immigration attorney in West Hartford right from the start can greatly assist you in handling the legal procedures accurately. Your attorney will ensure that all required paperwork is properly completed and filed, while effectively tackling any challenges that may arise, such as a rejected application or complexities related to criminal law. With the right immigration lawyer by your side, your prospects as an immigrant in the United States can be significantly enhanced.

Experienced West Hartford Immigration Lawyer

Working with an experienced West Hartford immigration attorney from the very beginning of your case can help you correctly handle the legal process. Your attorney can make sure you properly fill out and file all necessary paperwork, as well as overcome obstacles such as a denied application or complications connected to criminal law. The right immigration lawyer can make a big difference to your future as an immigrant in the United States.

Immigration Cases We Handle

Just as the desire to immigrate or establish permanent residency in the United States can arise from various circumstances for individuals or families, there exist numerous approaches to navigate the immigration process. Our team of attorneys has dedicated countless hours to assisting individuals and families in achieving their aspirations in America.

We specialize in handling a wide range of cases, including:

Green card applications

Citizenship applications

Seeking political asylum

Applying for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Defense against deportation or removal

Facilitating family visas

Assisting with student visas

Providing legal support for special immigrant juvenile protection

Handling waivers

You can freely discuss your specific legal needs or immigration concerns with our lawyers without any obligation to engage our law firm. During your consultation, our experienced attorneys will attentively listen to your story, meticulously review all relevant documentation, and provide guidance on how we can effectively assist you with any challenging or distressing legal matters you may be facing.

What Is the Legal Immigration Process?

If you are looking for professional assistance with the U.S. immigration process, a lawyer is the right choice. A lawyer will look out for your best interests through each phase of the official process. Knowing more about the immigration process can help give you and your family greater peace of mind moving forward.

The process for legal immigration into America, although unique in each case, generally follows these steps:

Present valid identification: Upon arrival in the U.S., you need to present a valid passport. However, if you are immigrating from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Bermuda, you have the option to use a U.S. passport card, Trusted Traveler Program card, or an enhanced driver’s license as well.

Show permanent resident status: If you are a permanent resident of the U.S., you need to show your green card. As a permanent resident, you don’t need a passport, but you must provide your Permanent Resident Card (green card). Depending on your country of origin, you may also require a U.S. visa.

Apply for an immigrant visa: If you are not a permanent resident but wish to immigrate, you need to apply for an immigrant visa. There are various types of visas available, and you will need a sponsor or someone to file an immigrant petition on your behalf.

Attend an interview: Once your initial petition is approved, you can apply for a visa at a U.S. consulate in your home country. This process usually involves a medical examination and an interview. During the interview, your eligibility for the visa will be assessed, and a decision will be made regarding your application.

Pay the USCIS immigrant fee: If your visa application is accepted, you will need to pay the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) immigrant fee before receiving your green card. You will receive a sealed packet of documents that you must present to U.S. officials when entering the country.

Adjustment of status (optional): If you are already residing in the U.S., you have the option to apply for an adjustment of status instead of an immigrant visa. This allows you to stay in the U.S. while your application is being processed.

Throughout the entire process, it can be helpful to seek guidance from an immigration lawyer who can provide assistance and advice based on your specific circumstances.

What Are My Rights as an Immigrant?

It is important to address the misconceptions and misguided assumptions surrounding undocumented immigrants, as many people mistakenly believe that they do not have rights or protections under the law. Contrary to popular belief, the United States Constitution ensures legal protections for all individuals residing within the country, including undocumented immigrants.

The rights afforded to undocumented immigrants are extensive and crucial for their well-being:

Protection from unreasonable search and seizure: Just like any other individual, undocumented immigrants are entitled to protection against arbitrary searches or seizures by law enforcement.

Protection from self-incrimination: Undocumented immigrants have the right to avoid self-incrimination, meaning they cannot be compelled to provide evidence or answer questions that may incriminate them.

The right to remain silent and retain legal counsel: Undocumented immigrants have the same rights as any other individual when interacting with law enforcement. They have the right to remain silent and the right to seek legal representation.

The right to defend against deportation: Undocumented immigrants have the right to defend themselves from deportation through legal channels, including access to due process and immigration hearings.

Employment rights and protection from discrimination: Undocumented immigrants have certain employment rights, including protection from discrimination based on their immigration status.

In instances where your rights have been violated during a confrontation with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, it is crucial to consult with an immigration attorney at our firm. We firmly believe that no behavior should go unpunished if it infringes upon your rights. For example, if law enforcement officers arrest you without a valid warrant or if you have faced any form of threat, you could be at risk of deportation. Countless individuals have already suffered the consequences and have been unjustly separated from their families and jobs due to illegal tactics.

By seeking legal guidance, you can protect your rights and explore available avenues to address any violations you may have experienced. We are here to provide you with the necessary support and expertise to ensure that justice is served and your rights are safeguarded throughout the legal process.

Does Having an Immigration Lawyer Help?

Hiring an immigration lawyer in West Hartford can save you time, money and stress. Immigration laws in the U.S. are incredibly complicated and always evolving. A lawyer will have the knowledge and information you need to fully understand your rights and take critical actions to protect yourself, such as applying for an immigrant visa. Even if you are currently living in another country, you can get help from a lawyer based in any U.S. state.

An immigration attorney can help you avoid mistakes on your initial immigration application for the smoothest and most efficient immigration process possible. This can help you avoid having to redo an incorrect application or even face removal proceedings if your application goes seriously wrong. Furthermore, if you run into any issues, your lawyer can handle them for you. Having a lawyer in your corner can give you and your family peace of mind during this time.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Lawyer for Immigration?

Immigration lawyers in the United States typically offer their services at an hourly rate ranging from $150 to $300. However, there might be an alternative option of a fixed fee for specific tasks like obtaining a green card. The overall cost will vary based on several factors, such as the law firm’s expertise, the complexity of your case, and the amount of time the lawyer needs to dedicate to your legal matters. It’s possible to negotiate the fee with the lawyer, taking into account the unique circumstances of your case and the extent of work involved.

If you’re unable to afford the full payment upfront, many immigration lawyers are willing to collaborate with you to establish a flexible payment plan or explore other affordable alternatives. Don’t automatically assume that hiring an immigration lawyer is beyond your financial means. It’s advisable to consult with an attorney in West Hartford and inquire about their fees before making a final decision. A reputable immigration attorney should be transparent and upfront about the cost of their services right from the start.

Start a Case Review With a West Hartford Immigration Lawyer

The best way to assert your rights as an undocumented immigrant in West Hartford is by retaining the help of an attorney with a thorough understanding of immigration law at the Law Offices of James A. Welcome. We know your rights and can provide you with effective legal representation after you have not been treated with the protection you deserve. We know what is on the line and can help you through the process of asserting your constitutional rights. 

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