Will Another State Allow Employers to Opt out of Workers’ Compensation?

Posted on 02/27/15

Senator Mark Green and Representative Jeremy Durham are pushing for a bill that could make Tennessee the third state to allow employers to opt out of state’s workers compensation program and design individual programs for employees injured at work. The bill would primarily limit medical expenses, which will only be covered for up to 3 years, unless medical expenses exceed $300,000. To qualify for opt-out programs, employers must prove they are financially stable to establish their own programs for their employees. Senator Green opinionates, “This is about both the employer and the employee. If we can decrease costs, the employer will be able to pay higher wages and take better care of the employee” (The Tennessean). Currently, Texas and Oklahoma are the only two states that have opt-out programs. Stay posted as the hearing for the bill in Tennessee is scheduled for March 10th.

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