Watch Out for Unethical Personal Injury Lawyers in Connecticut

Yesterday, in a U.S. District Court in Bridgeport, CT, Personal Injury Lawyer Joseph P. Haddad pleaded not guilty to nine charges of fraud, medical fraud, and conspiracy. The Bridgeport Attorney is accused of cheating over $2.5 million from insurance companies as the leader of an elaborate scheme.

An FBI investigation revealed that Haddad allegedly collaborated with several Connecticut doctors in Stamford, Fairfield, and Monroe to exaggerate his clients’ injuries, produce fake medical records and injury reports to boost settlements. He is also accused of reporting inflated payments to himself and the medical providers to reduce the payout to the victim and, in welfare cases, the state. Haddad also sent case runners, or ambulance chasers, to track down and solicit victims of minor car accidents. Ambulance chasing is illegal in Connecticut and an unethical practice.

It is unfortunate that nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common for people to try to cheat the system. More and more people think it is okay to cheat money from insurance companies. However, injury fraud hurts not only the insurance carrier, but it could hurt a regular person who was involved in a car accident by increasing their insurance rates. In fact, fraudulent insurance claims are becoming so common that they actually raise the rates for everyone in CT.

Haddad was allegedly the ringleader of a circus of illegal and extremely unethical practices. Accidents happen and people do get injured, so they do deserve fair compensation. However, when people try to take advantage of the system, it harms everyone. It is important to know that fraud not only exists, but is becoming a common danger to look out for. If you find yourself in a motor vehicle accident, consult with an attorney that you can trust and protect yourself from falling victim to another fraudulent insurance claim.

There are still attorneys out there who conduct this kind of unethical behavior in Waterbury, Danbury and Norwalk. It is my opinion that this conduct has to stop. It is causing insurance rates to rise. It is bad for the reputation of honest trustworthy attorneys. And, it is just wrong.