Vice President-Elect Harris Announces Green Cards For TPS and DACA Recipients

Posted on 01/15/21

For the past four years, the immigration system has gone under extensive reformations by the Trump administration, and not in a good way. Our office has been dedicated to delivering the latest news in matters most important to you. As a top-rated Connecticut immigration law firm, we understand the difficulties you have faced and are anticipating a reversal of the last four years. The opportune to come will be welcomed by millions of undocumented immigrants across the nation. Many of our clients have been placed in difficult circumstances by the Trump administration. Some have feared applying for government assistance programs while their green card application was pending and others have lived in uncertainty as their asylum applications were denied. This is not the America that welcomed immigrants on Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty has stood for freedom and opportunity while inviting “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” It is a sentiment we live by at The Law Office of James A. Welcome. Discrimination based on one’s wealth or country of origin has no place in our immigration system. We welcome diversity, not exclude it.

Over the next four years, immigration will remain at the forefront of political debate. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has been a firm advocate for immigrant communities throughout her political career. Having faced discrimination herself, she understands what immigrants are facing when it comes to immigration. Immigrants often leave war-torn countries that have deprived of their basic human rights or are trying to flee gang violence, political oppression, and gender discrimination in hopes of a better life in the United States. Our nation has done so willingly over the past few centuries with some inexcusable exceptions. The incoming administration understands the positive contributions immigrants have delivered to our nation, a nation built by immigrants. Building a sweeping immigration reform bill will take extensive effort by the Biden-Harris administration to ensure its effectiveness and ultimately its approval by Congress. Harris promised that the administration would plan on granting Green Cards for immigrants who are currently protected under the Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programs. Both these policies have impacted millions of immigrants and their communities, securing vital protections while contributing both culturally and financially to the United States. If the Biden-Harris administration stays true to their campaign promises, immigrants will finally have a pathway to citizenship. In a time where nearly two-thirds of undocumented immigrants work on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic, immigration reform will solidify their contributions to this society, making a more perfect union.

On Tuesday, Kamala Harris spoke with great optimism on what the future holds for immigrant communities. Our office is pleased by the words of a true leader, one who is willing to take risks and encourage diversity in our nation. As part of the Biden administration’s potential immigration reform bill, Harris vowed to secure additional immigration judges to reduce court backlogs while easing the naturalization process for millions. This would help reduce the lengthy 13-year path to citizenship to just 8 years. Harris stated in her Univision interview “it’s a smarter and much more humane way of approaching immigration.” The legislative agenda is ambitious and Harris herself agrees that creating a pathway for citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants would be challenging but will be a priority. Harris vowed to “first making them legal permanent residents, a status they could access within a period of eight years.”

Reversing President Trump’s disastrous immigration policies will take commitment. President Trump has jeopardized the immigration system in an effort to gain political control while failing to attach the human capital that falls victim to his policies. Such policies have led to extensive backlogs, requiring immigration judges to be overloaded with additional cases. These political acts leave thousands of immigrants in a state of confusion when it comes to the status of their immigration application. To ensure that campaign promises are upheld, Biden and Harris will have to immediately work on employing additional judges to ease the backlog that President Trump has aided in creating. This will take bold action and bipartisan support. Republican members of congress understand more than ever that Biden’s agenda is supported by a large majority of our nation. By giving on some policies, Republicans may benefit in the long term.

Are you planning on applying for a green card, asylum, marriage petition, citizenship, or DACA? The Law Offices of James A. Welcome has delivered results for thousands of immigrants over the last several decades. Our broad focus on immigration law ensures you get the legal representation you deserve while protecting your interests. Our commitment to justice has always been at the heart of what we do. Our team members, friends, and loved ones have experienced the challenges plaguing the United States immigration system. It’s this personal connection to what we do that makes our team prioritize the need for quality results on behalf of our clients. For centuries, America has welcomed large numbers of immigrants from across the world but through some uniformed leaders and restrictive policies, certain minorities of immigrants have faced an immigration system in scrambles. Over the past few decades, our team has seen Presidents adapt and incorporate policies that have made us hopeful but still have come short on delivering effective immigration reform. The reformation of our current system would diversify the nation and develop our economy at a time when we need it most. We remain hopeful that policies set forth by the incoming Biden administration will be effective and reach the potential that they are supposed to. It is with this hope that we encourage all immigrants across the nation to start their immigration applications. Our office continues to operate and accept new clients even with Covid-19 challenges. Our leading-edge video conferencing technology allows us to conduct immigration law anywhere at any time. Rest assured knowing your case will always be a priority of our team. When you have questions we will always be a phone call away, that’s our commitment to you. Please contact our legal team at The Law Offices of James A. Welcome to start your immigration case today.